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Warplanes of the Second World War preserved in the Dominican Republic

Warplanes of the Second World War preserved in the Dominican Republic

The aim of this website is to locate, identify and document Warplanes from the Second World War preserved in the Dominican Republic.  Many contributors have assisted in the hunt for these aircraft to provide and update the data on this website.  Photos are as credited.  Any errors found here are by the author, and any additions, corrections or amendments to this list of Warplane Survivors of the Second World War in the Dominican Republic would be most welcome and may be e-mailed to the author at 

Data current to 17 Nov 2018.

Dominican Air Force

 (RuthAS Photo)

Dominican Air Force de Havilland Mosquito FB.6 ca 1947.

In 1947 the Dominican Republic acquired Bristol Beaufighters and de Havilland Mosquitos from the UK.  That same year its air force received 25 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt fighter-bombers and 30 North American AT-6 trainers from the United States. The nation's air force was initially named the Compañia de Aviación.  On 15 January 1948, it was renamed Cuerpo de Aviación Militar Dominicana, headquarted at Base Aérea Presidente Trujillo, in the capital's suburb of San Isidro.  In 1952, 25 de Havilland Vampires and 32 North American P-51D Mustangs were bought from Sweden.  Other aircraft from the Second World War era that have seen service with the  Dominican Air Force include the Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, the North American T-6 Texan and the Vultee BT-13 Valiant.

The Air Force underwent several name changes during the 1950s, being known as the Dominican Military Aviation during 1952-55 and 1957–62 and as the Dominican Air Force (DAF) during 1955-57.  Since 1962 it has been known as the Dominican Air Force.

Warplanes of the Second World War preserved in the Dominican Republic by aircraft type, serial number, registration number and location:

North American P-51D-20NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-72123), FAD 1914, San Isidro Air Force Base, Santo Domingo.