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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Warplane Survivors USA: Illinois

Illinois Warplanes

 (USAF Photo)

North American F-51D-25-NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-73428), 169th Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard. The 169th FS flew the F-51 from 1947 to 1956.

 (USGOV-PD Photo)

North American F-51H-10-NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-64661), 169th Fighter Squadron,  Illinois Air National Guard, May 1951.

 (NMUSAF Photo)

Republic F-84C-16-RE Thunderjet (Serial No. 47-1580), Illinois Air National Guard, May 1955.

 (USAF Photo)

 Republic F-84 Thunderjet (Serial No. 51-9414), 169th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, 1958.

 (USAF Photo)

Republic F-84F-35-RE Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6467), 169th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, ca 1958.

 (USGOV-PD Photo)

Republic F-84F-35-RE Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6497,169th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, ca 1958.

 (USAF Photo)

Republic F-84F-40-RE Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6631), 170th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, ca 1968.

 (USAF Photo)

North American F-86E Sabre, 170th Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, ca 1950s

 (TSGT Ken Hammond, USAF Photo)

Cessna OA-37B Dragonfly, 169th Tactical Air Support Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, 1984.

 (USAF Photo)

McDonnell F-4D-31-MC Phantom II (Serial No. 66-7701), 170th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, 1981.

 (USAF Photo)

General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 87-0294), Illinois Air National Guard.

 (Alain Rioux Photo)

General Dynamics F-16B Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 87-0370), "Fly'N Illini", 170th Fighter Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, 1995.

 (Master Sgt. Ken Stephens, National Guard Photo)

Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker, 126th Air Refueling Wing, Illinois Air National Guard.

 (SAC Tim Laurence, MOD Photo)

Lockhed C-130H3 Hercules, 182nd Airlift Wing, Illinois Air National Guard, at Kandahar Airfield in 2010.

 (USGOV-PD Photo)

Lockheed C-130H3 Hercules (Serial No. 94-670), 169th Airlift Squadron, Illinois Air National Guard, 1999.

 (Tech. Sgt. Shaun Kerr, USAF Photo)

General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon from the 183d Fighter Wing, Illinois Air National Guard, flies in formation with a Polish Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29A from the 1st Tactical Squadron over Krzesiny air base, Poland, on 15 June 2005.

Illinois Warplane Survivors, current to 11 Sep 2017.

Bartonville, American Legion Limestone Post 979.

McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 64-0754), c/n 1043.

Belleville Scott AFB, Scott Field Heritage Air Park

Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor (Serial No. 52-10858), c/n 788, mounted on a pylon.

Boeing KC-135E Stratotanker (Serial No. 56-3611).

Lear Jet C-21 (Serial No.).

Lockheed C-130E-LM Hercules (Serial No. 62-1862), c/n 382-3826.

Lockheed C-140A-LM Jetstar (Serial No. 59-5959), c/n 1329-505.

Lockheed C-141B Starlifter (Serial No. 65-0236).

Lockheed C-141C Starlifter (Serial No. 67-0166), c/n 300-6285, 445th Airlift Wing.

McDonnell Douglas C-9A Nightingale (Serial No. 71-0877), c/n 47495/656.

North American CT-39A Sabreliner (Serial No. 60-3495), c/n 265-23, mounted on a pylon.

Bloomington, Prairie Aviation Museum, 2929 East Empire St., 61704.

Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra Helicopter (BuNo. 157771).

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 67-17832).

Douglas A-4M Skyhawk (BuNo. 160036), c/n 14538.

Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat (BuNo. 161163), c/n 390.

Hughes 269A Osage Helicopter (Serial No.).

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (BuNo. 53-5979).

LTV A-7A Corsair II (BuNo. 152681), NJ-412, c/n A-038.

McDonnell Douglas F-4N Phantom II (BuNo. 150444), NF-100, c/n 230, VF-161.

North American F-100C Super Sabre (Serial No. 54-1784), Thunderbird markings, previously with the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum.  (A second F-100C (Serial No. 54-1785), previously with theOctave Chanute Aerospace Museum, is now with the Yankee Air Museum in Michigan).

Northrop T-38A Talon (Serial No. 60-0549), c/n 217-46.

Blue Island Memorial Park, 12804 South Highland Avenue

 (Photos courtesy of

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 71-0347), c/n D-258.

Bolingbroke, Illinois Aviation Museum, 130 S. Clow International parkway, 60490.

Douglas A-4C Skyhawk (BuNo. 148500), NG, VA-93, USS Enterprise.

Fokker E-3, replica.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 58-0632), c/n 1317.

North American T-2C Buckeye (BuNo. 158908), F-808, c/n 352-33, project.

Nieuport 11, replica, Reg. No. N32100.

Pazmany PL-1, C/M 57, Reg. No. N85VB.

Rutan Long-EZ, Reg. No. N27KQ.

Brookfield, Ehlert Memorial Park, 4315 Park Avenue, 60513.

 (Photos courtesy of

North American F-86D/L Sabre Dog (Serial No. 53-0700), c/n 201-44.

Cahokia, Greater St Louis Air & Space Museum, 2300 Vector Drive, 62206.

Bede BD-5J Microjet, Reg. No. N126ARW.

Link D-4 Flight Trainer.

Lockheed Model 1329-23E Jetstar 8, c/n 5145, Reg. No. N511TD.

Mini-MAX Ultralight.

Myers OTW-145 biplane, c/n 50, Reg. No. N34305.

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, replica.

Schempp-Hirth Standard Austria SH Glider, c/n 45, Reg. N10685.

Cahokia, Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology.  Flight Training Operations, 4300 Vector Drive, 62206.

Bell AH-1 Cobra Helicopter (Serial No.).

Beechcraft QU-22 Pave Eagle (Serial No.).

Cessna 310.

Cessna 320.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No.).

North American AT-6C Texan (Serial No.).

North American T-39 Sabreliner (Serial No.).

North American T-39A Sabreliner (Serial No.).

Short Skyvan.

Canton, 26013 North Ingersoll Road, 61520-9693.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-9819), c/n 4863.

Centralia, Fairview Park, West McCord Street.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9651), c/n 7836.

Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Serial No. 62-4318), c/n D517.

Nike Ajax missile.

Chicago, Butch O’Hare Airport, Bessie Coleman Drive, 60666.

Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat (BuNo. 12320).

Chicago, Midway International Airport, 5600 South Cicero Avenue, 60638.

 (Armchair Aviator's Photo)

Canadair T-33 Silver Star (Serial No. T33-556), Reg. No. N133KK, Kenneth S. Pacholski.

Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless (BuNo. 10575), c/n 2565.

Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, East 57th Street and Lakeshore Drive, 60637.

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Boeing 40B-2 Air Mail Plane, Reg. No. NC288.

Boeing 727-22, c/n 18309/47, Reg. No. N7017U.

 (Photo courtesy of

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny (Serial No.).

 (Photo courtesy of 0X6adb015)

 (Photo courtesy of 

Junkers Ju 87B-2/Trop Stuka (Serial No. 5954), A5+HL, c/n 5954. 

 (Photo courtesy of

LTV A-7A Corsair II (BuNo. 152668), 402, c/n A-025.

 (Photo courtesy of

Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard, USCG (Serial No. 1459), c/n 62-138.

 (Photos courtesy of

Supermarine Vickers Spitfire F Mk. Ia, RAF (Serial No. P9306), c/n 508FF.  This aircraft fought in the Battle of Britain with RAF No. 74 Squadron.

 (Photo courtesy of

Travel Air Model R Racer “Texaco Mystery Ship”, Reg. No. NR1313.

Wright 1903 Flyer, replica.


 (Photo courtesy of

Boeing ATM-84D Harpoon.

 (Photo courtesy of

Hughes XAIM-54A Phoenix.

 (Photo courtesy of

Soviet MKB Raduga P-15 Termit Anti-ship missile.


 (Photo courtesy of

Mercury-Atlas 7 “Aurora 7” Space Capsule, Scott Carpenter.

 (Photo courtesy of

Apollo 8 Command Module

Lunar Module Model.

Collinsville, American Legion Leighton Evatt Post 365.

Bell AH-1S Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 81-23539), c/n 22323.

Danville, Korean War Memorial, US 150 W and S. Logan Street, 61834.

LTV GA-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 68-8223), c/n D-009.

Danville, Midwest Aero Restorations, Vermilion Regional Airport, 22563 North Bowman Avenue, 61834.

Cessna L-19A Bird Dog (Serial No.).

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (Wk. Nr. 410077), recovered from Lake Swiblo in Russia in the early 1980s.  This aircraft is being restored and will be based in San Antonio, Texas.

North American AT-6D Texan (Serial No.).

North American P-51D/F6D-25NT Mustang (Serial No. 44-84786), previously (Serial No. 44-73822), 5M-K, “Lil Margret”, Reg. No. N51BS.  Butch Schroeder.

North American P-51D-30NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-74962), C/N 122-41502, being restored, Reg. No. N51DK. Mike Vandeboncoeur.

Danville, Vermilion Regional Airport, 22633 North Bowman Avenue, 61832.

North American F-86H Sabre (Serial No. 52-1983), painted as F-86H (Serial No. 52-4812), “Madelle”, mounted on a pylon near the entrance to the airport.

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 68-8223), c/n D-009.

Dixon, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 540, 1560 Franklin Grove Road, 61021.

Bell UH-1D Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 66-1039), C/N 5522.

Dixon, Veteran`s Memorial Park, 2 Palmyra Road.

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 67-15475), C/N 20139.

Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Serial No. 60-0455), C/N D143.

Downers Grove

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat (BuNo. 16203), Michael Gillian.

Dunlap, Wheels O`Time Museum, 1710 W Woodside Drive, 61525.

Fokker Dr. I, replica.

East Alton, St. Louis Regional Airport, 8 Terminal Drive, 62024.

 (Photo courtesy of

McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 63-7491), c/n 490, mounted on a pylon at near the entrance to the airport.


 (Carmelo Turdo Photo)

LTV A-7E Corsair II (BuNo. 159303), c/n E-441, mounted on a pylon.  Robert C. Stille Edwardsville Township Community Park, 6368 Center Grove Road.  Being restored.

Freeport, Albertus Airport, 1255 East Airport Road, 61032.

Northrop GT-38A Talon (Serial No. 60-0555), c/n N.5128, static display.

Glenview, Chicago Harley Davidson Shop, 2929 Patriot Boulevard, 60026-8047.

Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet, c/n 75-489, Reg. No. N59378.

Hatz CB-1, c/n 22347, Reg. No. N663WA.

Glenview, NAS Glenview Museum, 2040 Lehigh Avenue, 60026.

Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard Helicopter, USCG (Serial No. 1459), c/n 62-138.  This helicopter was previously on display in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Granite City, Wilson Park, 2900 Benton Street, 62040.

Republic F-84K Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9451).

Great Lakes, Naval Station Great Lakes, Naval Training Center, 2601 E. Paul Jones Street, 60088.

Douglas A-4C Skyhawk (BuNo. 148463), c/n 1256, painted with LCdr John McCain's name under the cockpit, AH, 300.

Grumman F-14A Tomcat (BuNo.), USS Nimitz, 201.

Herrin, Baker-Ladd Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1567, 309 North 16 Street, 62948.

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 81-15143), c/n 20677.

Highland, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5694, 1900 VFW Road, 62249-2343.

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 71-20987), c/n 21058.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 53-4914), c/n 580-8253.

Island Lake, Veteran`s Memorial Park, 422 W. State Road, 60042.

Bell AH-1F Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 67-15736), c/n 204000.

Kankakee, Aroma Park American Legion Post 1019, 739 S. Sandbar Road, 60901-7619.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 68-15691), c/n 10621.

Emerson Electric MGR-3 Little John missile.

Lake Zurich

North American P-51D-30NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-74543), adopted (Serial No. 44-63655), C/N 122-31381, ex-RCAF (Serial No. 9252), E2-B, "Geraldine", painted as (Serial No. 44-14320), being restored by Amphib Inc., 555 Oakwood Road, Reg. No. N5500S.  Will Martin/Wings & Wheels Inc.

Lansing, Municipal Airport.

 (Mark Knapp Photos)

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No.), Vietnam War Memorial.

Bell AH-1S Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 71-21002), c/n 21073.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Serial No.).

Lincoln, Heritage in Flight Museum, Logan County Airport, 1351 Airport Road, 62656.

Aeronca 7EC Traveler (Serial No. 7EC-471), Reg. No. N7433B.

Beechcraft UC-45F Expeditor (Serial No. 44-47139), c/n 7044, Reg. No. N44569.

Bell TH-13T Sioux Helicopter (Serial No. 67-15962), c/n 3681.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-10030), c/n 5074.

LTV A-7E Corsair II (BuNo. 158026), c/n E-342.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 51-6680), c/n 580-6012.

McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II (BuNo. 148412).

North American L-17A Navion (Serial No. NAV-4-630), Reg. No. N71CM.

Manteno, American Legion Post 755.

LTV GA-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 68-8230).  This aircraft was moved from the American Legion Skinner Trost Post 122, Cullom, Illinois in 2015.

Marengo, Keller Restoration Group, 21010 Anthony Road, 60152-9502.

Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress (Serial No. 41-2595), c/n 2406, “Desert Rat”, and "Tangerine", ex-Boeing XC-108A cargo aircraft, undergoing restoration to flight status.

Mark, Veteran`s War Memorial, Milwaukee Street.

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 67-15474), c/n 20139.

Milford, Community Park, 74 County Road 2310 East, 60953.

Republic/Ford JB-2 Loon.

Mundelein, Victory Air Museum.

Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka I-13, c/n 1081.

New Athens

North American P-51D-25NT Mustang (Serial No. 44-84962), "Sarah Jean", Reg. No. N9857P.  Lee Schaller.  Previously in storage, this aircraft has been sold to David Nock, Halfpenny Green, Wolverhampton in England.

Oglesby, Memorial Park, 61348.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 71-20066), c/n 12890.

Paris, American Legion Post 211, 1031 N. Main Street, 61944.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9402), c/n 580-7512.

Pekin, Municipal Airport, 13906 Airport Lane, 61554.

 (Carmelo Turdo Photos)

McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 64-0911), on display near the entrance to the airport.

Piper L-4B Grasshopper (Serial No. 1439), Clayton Stambaugh.  This L-4B has the Brodie landing system installed on its upper wing, a device that allowed for the recovery of light aircraft onto ships via a hook and and cable-based sling.  The system was initially used to land aircraft in unsuitable terrain.

Peoria, General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport, Illinois Air National Guard, 182nd Airlift Wing, 2416 S. Falcon Blvd, 61607-5023.

Cessna O-2A Super Skymaster (Serial No. 68-11160), c/n 337M-0385.

Cessna A-37B Dragonfly (Serial No. 69-6428), c/n 43273.

General Dynamics F-18B Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 82-1042), c/n 62-108.

Lockheed C-130E Hercules (Serial No. 63-7877), c/n 382-3948.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9313).

Pinckneyville, Perry County Fairgrounds, 62274.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9663), c/n 580-7848.

Poplar Grove, Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum, 5151 Orth Road Ste A-1, 61065.

Corben Baby Ace (Serial No. 1).

Culver Cadet, 1941.

Prospect Heights, Pal-Waukee Airport.

North American P-51D Mustang, YC-D, fibreglass replica, mounted on a pylon in front of the “94th Aero Squadron” airport restaurant.

Quincy, World Aerospace Museum, Quincy Regional Airport, Baldwin Field, 62305.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 432938), Reg. No. N44529.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931514), Reg. No. N147XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931401), Reg. No. N157XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 831104), Reg. No. N148XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931507), Reg. No. N153XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 730926), Reg. No. N154XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931402), Reg. No. N155XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931406), Reg. No. N156XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39MS Super Albatros (Serial No. 140005), Reg. No. N105XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39MS Super Albatros (Serial No. 140006), Reg. No. N106XX.

Aero Vodocbody L-39ZA Albatros (Serial No.), Reg. No. N.

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21UM Mongol (Serial No. 516913056), Reg. No. N317DM.

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29UB Fulcrum B (Serial No. 2960520155), Reg. No. N6934G.

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29UB Fulcrum B (Serial No. 2960507662), Reg. No. N6394K.

Rantoul, Chanute Air Museum, National Aviation Center, 1011 Pacesetter Drive, 61866.  This museum closed on 31 Oct 2015.

Aeronca 65-LB Super Chief, c/n L-14881, Reg. No. N34496.

American Aerolight Eagle Ultralight.

Bell UH-1B Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 61-0686), c/n 266, on loan from the NMUSAF.  This aircraft has been moved to Union City, Tennessee.

 (Greg Goebel Photo)

Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter (Serial No. 52-0898), c/n 16592, on loan from the NMUSAF.  May be scrapped.

Boeing XB-47 Stratojet (Serial No. 46-066), second prototype.  This aircraft has been moved to Edwards AFB, California.

Boeing GB-52D Stratofortress (Serial No. 55-0095), c/n 17211, forward crew compartment.  This aircraft has been moved to Valiant Air Command, Florida.

Boeing LGM-30A Minuteman I Missile, on loan from the NMUSAF.

Cessna O-2A Super Skymaster (Serial No. 67-21411), c/n 337M-0177.  This aircraft has been moved to Robins AFB, Georgia.

Chanute 1896 Glider, replica.

Convair B-58A Hustler (Serial No. 55-0666), c/n 7, painted as (Serial No. 61-2059), "Greased Lightning".  This aircraft has been moved to Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California.

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny, replica.

Douglas VC-47B Skytrain (Serial No. 43-49336), c/n 15152/26597.  May be scrapped.

Douglas A-4A Skyhawk (BuNo. 139947), c/n 11312, Blue Angels 6.  This aircraft has moved to the MAPS Air Museum in the Akron-Canton Regional Airport, Ohio.

Douglas C-133A Cargomaster (Serial No. 56-2009), c/n 45246, on loan from the NMUSAF.  May be scrapped.

Douglas GRB-66B Destroyer (Serial No. 53-0412), BB-412, c/n 44293.  May be scrapped.

Foose Tigercat.

Grumman HU-16B Albatross (Serial No. 51-7200), c/n G-267.  May be scrapped.

Lockheed F-80B Shooting Star (Serial No. 45-8501), c/n 080-1715.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9797), c/n 580-7922.  This aircraft has been moved to Fort Wayne ANG Base, Indiana.

 (Greg Goebel Photo)

Lockheed WV-2/EC-121K Warning Star (BuNo. 141311), 15, c/n 4435.  This aircraft has been moved to Yankee Air Force Museum, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Lockheed F-104A Starfighter (Serial No. 56-0732), FG-732, c/n 183-1020.

Lockheed C-130A Hercules (Serial No 55-0037), c/n 182-3064, on loan from NMUSAF.  Moved to the Museum of Missouri Military History, Jefferson City, Missouri.

LTV A-7D Corsair II (Serial No. 69-6190), DM, c/n D-020, on loan from the NMUSAF.  This aircraft has been moved to the Russell Military Museum, Russell, Illinois.

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 62-12201), c/n 268.  This aircraft has been moved to Houma, Louisiana.

Mong Sport Biplane, 1937, Reg. No. N4253J.

North American AT-6B Texan (Serial No. 41-17372), c/n 84-7750.

North American F-86A Sabre (Serial No. 47-0615), c/n 151-38442.  This aircraft has been moved to Fort Wayne ANG Base, Indiana.

North American CT-39A Sabreliner (Serial No. 62-4494), c/n 276-47.  May be scrapped.

North American AGM-28A Hound Dog (Serial No. 59-2796), on loan from the NMUSAF.

Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter (Serial No.), modified with second seat.  This aircraft has been moved to Florida, location TBC.

Octave Chanute 1896 Glider replica.

Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer 135 (Serial No. 22-1377), 1953, Reg. No. N8726C.

Republic YP-84A Thunderjet (Serial No. 45-59495), Thunderbird markings.  This aircraft has been moved to Union City, Tennessee.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9531), Thunderbird markings.

Republic F-105B Thunderchief (Serial No. 54-0104).  May be scrapped.

Republic F-105F Thunderchief (Serial No. 63-8287), RK, c/n F-64.  May be scrapped.

Wright 1903 Flyer, replica.

Round Lake, American Legion Post 1170, 111 East main Street, 60073-3603.

LTV A-7A Corsair II (BuNo. 153220), c/n A-129.

Springfield, Air Combat Museum, 835 South Airport Road, 62707.

Aero Commander 500-U (Serial No. 1652-9), Reg. No. N757DD.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan (Serial No. 42-17358), Reg. No. N64463.

Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, c/n G-761, 1955, Reg. No. N7132E, B-675.

Extra Flugzeugbau E300L (Serial No. 034), 1966, Reg. No. N169M.

Fleet Model 9, project.

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15 Fagot, cockpit.

North American P-51D-25NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-73287), c/n 122-39734, D7-J, “Worry Bird”, Reg. No. N951M. Michael George.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit (Serial No. 41-26796), Reg. No. N522M.

Soko G2-A Galeb (Serial No. 23172), Reg. No. N669.

Taylorcraft L-2M Grasshopper, Reg. No. N488M, DCO-65.

Vought F4U-5N Corsair (BuNo. 124486), Reg. No. NX494M.

Springfield, Illinois Air National Guard, 183rd Fighter Wing, Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, J. David Jones Parkway and Hackmore Drive, 63707-5000.

McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II (Serial No. 66-7468), c/n 1974, mounted on a pylon.

North American F-86E Sabre (Serial No. 52-2844), c/n 172-127, ex-RCAF (Serial No. 19263), mounted on a pylon.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-1822), painted as (Serial No. 51-1797), mounted on a pylon.

Sugar Grove, Air Classics Museum of Aviation, Aurora Municipal Airport, Veterans Memorial Parkway, 44W546 US Route 30, 60554.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 67-17599), C/B 9797.

De Havilland Canada U-6A Beaver (Serial No.).

Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk (BuNo. 153678), A-725, c/n 13616.

Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat (Serial No.), on display inside O`Hare Airport.

LTV A-7E Corsair II (BuNo. 158842), AC-402, c/n E-331.

McDonnell F-4B Phantom II (BuNo. 148407), EC-25, c/n 92, USMC, VMFA-531.

North American RF-86F Sabre (Serial No. 51-13390), FU-390, c/n 176-321.

North American CT-39A Sabreliner (Serial No. 60-3503), c/n 265-31.

Republic F-105G Thunderchief (Serial No.).

Urbana, Frasca Air Museum, 1402 Airport RdUrbanaIL 61802. 

Baue Vernon Goldwing VB-067, Reg. No. N3260B.

Beechcraft T-34A Mentor, Reg. No. N54RF.

Bellanca 8GCBC, Reg. No. N86756.

Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet, Reg. No. N4999.

Cassutt Sport Racer, Reg. No. N12SG.

Chris Tena Minicoupe, Reg. No. N162JA.

Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk IA, RAF (Serial No. AK905), 47, painted as 474850, Reg. No. NP40E.

De Havilland DHC-1, Reg. No. N48262. 

De Havilland DHC-1, Reg. No. N582WK.

Ercoupe 415 C, Reg. No. N93922.

Fairchild PT-23A Cornell, Reg. No. N64172.

Frasca Fiat G46 Special, Reg. No. N46FG.

Great Lakes 2T-1A-E, Reg. No. N3182.

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat (BuNo. 86746), Reg. No. N6290C.

Heideman-Smith DSA-1 Miniplane, Reg. No. N601W.

Luscombe 8 E Silvaire, Reg. No.  N71312.

Mustang BM-1, Reg. No. N451L.

North American SNJ-6B Texan, Reg. No. N9825C.

Piper J-3C Cub, Reg. No. N42733.

Pratt-Read PR-G, Reg. No. N60894.

RAF SE5a replica.

Rutan Quickie 2, Reg. No. N22TQ.

Rutan Quickie 2, Reg. No. N7QA.

Schweizer SGS 2-33A, Reg. No. N34298.

Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XVIIIe, RAF (Serial No. TP276), c/n 6S/676372, ex-Indian Air Force (Serial No. HS653), Reg. No. N280TP.  This aircraft is in storage.

Volo, Auto Museum, 27582 Volo Village Road, Off I-94, 60073.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 67-17355), c/n 9553.

Washburn, American Legion Post 661, 104 E. Parkside Drive, 61570.

Bell UH-1D Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 66-0761), c/n 5243.

Washington, Vietnam Veteran`s Memorial, Washington Park, Lincoln Street, 61571.

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 70-16045), c/n 20989.

Waukegan Airport

General Dynamics YF-111A Aardvark (Serial No. 63-9767), c/n A1-02.  This aircraft was previously on display at the Rantoul Chanute Air Museum.  This aircraft first flew on 25 Feb 1965.  It is currently painted in the markings of the 428th Tactical Fighter Squadron, USAF.  This iarcraft is destined for display at the Lake County Veterans Memorial Park.

Waukegan, Warbird Heritage Foundation, 3000 Corporate Drive, 60087.

Aero Vodocbody L-39C Albatros (Serial No. 931526), Reg. No. N239PW.

Boeing Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet (Serial No. 75-4924), Reg. No. N52107.

Cessna L-19A Bird Dog (Serial No. 22677), Reg. No. N677RH.

Douglas AD-1 Skyraider (BuNo. 09257), Reg. No. N2AD.

Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (BuNo. 142112), Reg. No. N49WH.

Goodyear FG-1D Corsair (BuNo. 92050), c/n 3311, Reg. No. N194G. 

North American AT-6G Texan (Serial No. 197092), Reg. No. N584M.

 (Master Sgt. Philip Speck, USAF Photo)

North American P-51D-20NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-72086), c/n 122-31945, ex-Swedish Air Force,  painted as (Serial No. 44-15137), “Baby Duck”, Reg. No. N251PW.  Mustang Historic Military Aircraft LLC.  This aircraft was lost in a crash in Kansas on 17 July 2017.

 (Paul Nelhams Photo)

North American F-86F Sabre (Serial No. 52-4986), Reg. No. N188RL.

North American T-28B Trojan (BuNo. 138360), Reg. No. N73MG.

North American T-2B Buckeye (BuNo. 155235), Reg. No. N27WS.

Wenona, 5 Cavalry Drive, Hwy I-39 & Rte 17, 61377.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9419).


Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter (Serial No. 58-15280), Williamsfield American Legion Post No. 371.

York, West Union Park, Walnut Street and Hull Street, 62477.

MGM-5 Corporal Missile.

Wheaton, First Division Museum at Cantigny, 1s151 Winfield Road, 60189-3353.

Bell UH-1C Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 66-15183), c/n 1911.

Zion, Russell Military Museum, 43363 Old Highway 43, 60075.

Aero U-9C Commander (Serial No. 56-4026), c/n 680-244-36.

Bell UH-1B Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No.).

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 64-13768), 68G, c/n 4476.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-9788), c/n 4832.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-9931), c/n 4975.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-10005), c/n 5049.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-10074), c/n 5118.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 66-1169), c/n 5652.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 66-16968), 68L, c/n 9162.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 69-15598), c/n 11886.

Bell UH-1M Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-9534), c/n 1434.

Bell AH-1F Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 68-17067), c/n 20795.

Bell AH-1F Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 70-15993), c/n 20937.

Bell OH-58A Kiowa Helicopter (Serial No. 71-20820), c/n 41681.

Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook (Serial No. 82-23766), c/n M-3027, nose section.

Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook (Serial No. 85-24365), c/n M-3135, nose section.

Cessna O-2 Skymaster (Serial No. 68-6876), c/n 337M-0165, Reg. No. N438YM.

Cessna O-2 Skymaster (Serial No. 68-6895), c/n 337M-0184, Reg. No. N438ZM.

Cessna O-2 Skymaster (Serial No. 69-7606), c/n 337M-0404, Reg. No. N4389R.

  (Martin McGuire Photo)

Fairchild A-10C Thunderbolt II (Serial No. 79-0195), C/N A10-0459.

 (Martin McGuire Photo)

General Dynamics F-16D Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 81-0817).

Grumman OV-1C Mohawk (Serial No. 67-18900), c/n 101C.

Grumman OV-1D Mohawk (Serial No. 62-5874), c/n 33B, Reg. No. N1171Y.

Grumman OV-1D Mohawk (Serial No. 68-16992), c/n 992.

Gyrodyne QH-50C DASH Drone (Serial No. 1261).

Hiller OH-23B Raven Helicopter (Serial No. 51-16226), c/n 408.

Hughes TH-55A Osage Helicopter (Serial No. 67-16879), c/n 78-0986.

Hughes OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter (Serial No. 65-12974), c/n 0059.

Hughes OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter (Serial No. 67-16017), c/n 0402.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9141), c/n 580-7195.

Lockheed EC-130Q Hercules (No. 161495), c/n 382-4901, Reg. No. N427NA/427.

LTV TA-7Corsair II (BuNo. 156751), 120, 471, c/n C-018.

Mil Mi-24 Hind Helicopter (Serial No.), Red 110.  Russian Air Force markings.

 (Martin McGuire Photo)

McDonnell Douglas F-15B Eagle (Serial No. 75-0084), ET, c/n 143/B020.

North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco (BuNo. 155436), c/n 305-47, Reg. No. N615NA.

Northrop GT-38A Talon (Serial No. 61-0923), ST, c/n N5289.

Northrop GT-38A Talon (Serial No. 61-0941), ST, c/n N5307.

Northrop T-38N Talon (Serial No.), c/n N5771, Reg. No. N910NA.

Republic F-84F Thunderjet (Serial No. 51-9524), Reg. No. N2250Q.

Schweitzer SGS 1-26E Glider (Serial No. 517), Reg. No. N11375.

Sikorsky CH-34 Choctaw Helicopter (Serial No. 54-TBC).

Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion Helicopter (BuNo. 153292), 66, c/n 65-061).

Sikorsky CH-54B Tarhe Helicopter (Serial No. 70-18486).

Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican, USCG (Serial No. 1480), c/n 61657.

Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican, USCG (Serial No. 1485), c/n 61662, Reg. No. N485KM.

Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican, USCG (Serial No. 1492), c/n 61669, Reg. No. N492KM, previously located at Pleasant Prairie.

Russian Tilt Rotor Prototype, mockup, 555.


Douglas MGM-5 Corporal.

Douglas MGR-1 Honest John.

Martin MGM-18 Lacrosse.