Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
Warplane Survivors USA: Georgia

Georgia Warplanes

Republic P-47N-25-RE Thunderbolt (Serial No. 44-89403), 128th Fighter Squadron, Marietta AAB, 1946.  (USGOV PD)

North American F-51H Mustang, 158th Fighter Squadron, Georgia Air National Guard, which flew the F-51 from 1952 to circa 1954.  (USAF Photo)

Republic (General Motors) F-84F-40-GK Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9520), 128th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Georgia Air National Guard.

McDonnell Douglas F-15B-7-MC Eagle (Serial No. 73-0108) from the 128th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 116th Tactical Fighter Wing, Georgia Air National Guard.  (SSGt Jerry Morrison, USAF Photo)

Rockwell B-1B Lancer (Serial No. 85-0059) from the 128th Bomb Squadron, 116th Bomb Wing, Georgia Air National Guard.  (USAF Photo)

Boeing E-8C Joint STARS, 128th Airborne Command and Control Squadron, Robins AFB, Warner-Robins. The 128th is the oldest unit in the Georgia Air National Guard.  (USAF Photo)

Georgia Warplane Survivors, updated 25 June 2017.

Alpharetta, American Legion Post 201

Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter (Serial No. 66-16923), "Piranha One-One".

Athens, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2872

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-1653).  F-84F-25-RE, mounted on a pylon.

Atlanta-DeKalb-Peachtree Airport

North American P-51D Mustang mockup, painted as (Serial No. 41-3930), P, mounted on a pylon.  Paint scheme varies.

Atlanta, Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum, 1060 Delt Blvd, Bldg B, 30354.

 (Blurred Ren Photo)

Boeing 767-200, c/n 22214/12, "The Spirit of Delta", Reg. No. N102DA.

Douglas DC-3-G202A, c/n 3278.

Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, c/n 193A-1001, Reg. No. N1011, prototype, cockpit and fuselage serving as the museum gift shop.

Stinson SR-8E Reliant.

Travel Air 6B Sedan.

Waco 125.

Atlanta, Fernbank Science Center, 156 Heaton Park Drive NE, 30307.

Apollo Space Capsule.

Blue Ridge, Fannin County Veterans Memorial Park

Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter (Serial No. 70-16446).


North American NA-64 Yale (Serial No. 64-2166), Reg. No. N314BT, Richard Epton, restoration project.  Ex-RCAF.  Built at Inglewood, California, this aircraft was part of a large 1939 order for the French Air Force.  Before it ccould be delivered, France fell, and it was allocated instead to the RCAF.  It is likely to be back in the air in 2015.


 (Bubba73 Photo)

Lockheed F-104C Starfighter (Serial No. 56-0919), Georgia Air National Guard mounted on a pylon, gate guardian at the 165th Air Support Operations Squadron and 224th Joint Communications Support Squadron facility. Georgia ANG, Brunswick Golden Isles Airport.

Calhoun, World Aircraft Museum, Mercer Air Field, Hangar 411, 30703-0368.

Convair T-29B (Serial No. 51-5145), c/n 276, derelict without tail.

Douglas C-47A Skytrain, c/n 19066, Reg. No. N47060.  Moved, location TBD.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9574), TR-574, c/n 580-7734.  Moved, location TBD.

North American F-86D Sabre Dog (Serial No. 51-5896), located near Hwy I-95.  Moved, location TBD.

Sikorsky HH-34J Seabat (BuNo. 148936), painted as (Serial No. 58-1311), Reg. No. N90768.  Moved, location TBD.

Vought F-8A Crusader (BuNo. 145326), 7B.  Moved, location TBC.


Boeing LGM-30A Minuteman I Missile.

Cordele, Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park & General Courtney Hodges Museum, Route 3, nine miles West of the city on US Hwy 280.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 64-13643), c/n 4340.

Boeing B-29A Superfortress (Serial No. 42-93967), c/n 7374, "City of Lansford, PA", Renton F-13A photo-reconnaissance model.

HGM-25A Titan I missile (Serial No. 60-3694).

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 51-6699), c/n 580-6031.

LTV A-7 Corsair II (BuNo.).

North American FJ-4B Fury (BuNo. 143557), NK-412, c/n 244-65.  AF-1E.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6438).


Grumman C-1A Trader (BuNo. 146029), 16, c/n 59, “Blue Ghost 5”, Flying Tiger Warbird Restoration Museum.

 (Jim Hoagland Photos)

Lockheed T-33A-5-LO Shooting Star (Serial No. 51-6132), TR-132, mounted on a pylon.


Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Serial No. 64-0164), Hunter Memorial Park, static display.

Forest Park, National Museum of Commercial Aviation, 5442 Frontage Road, 30297.

Boeing 727-22C, c/n 19894/647, Reg. No. N113FE.

Fokker F-27-500 Friendship, c/n 10470, Reg. No. N718FE.

Fort Benning, National Infantry Museum, Baltzell Avenue, 31905.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No.)

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No.)

Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Serial No. 42-93790), 278, A, “Boston Boomerang”, US Army Airborne School.

Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar (Serial No.).

Waco CG-4A Glider (Serial No.).

Griffin-Spalding County Airport.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 53-6096), city static display mounted on pylons.

Griffin, Alexander Aeroplane Company, Spalding County Airport, 118 Huff Deland Circle, 30223.

Curtiss P-36 Hawk (Serial No).

Curtiss P-40E Warhawk (Serial No.).

Curtiss P-40K Warhawk (Serial No.).

Curtiss P-40N Warhawk (Serial No.).

Hampton, Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, 506 Speedway Blvd, 30228.

 (Michael Pereckas Photo)

Bell UH-1H Iroqouis Helicopter (Serial No. 66-16624), Reg. No. N624HF, airworthy.

Bell UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 68-16104), A Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Bn, 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile).

Bell UH-1M/TH-1L Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No.).

Bell AH-1F Cobra Helicopter (Serial No.).

Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter (Serial No.).

Cessna TL-19D/O-1D Bird Dog (Serial No. 57-2842), 73rd Aviation Company, painted as (Serial No. 57-2795).

Cessna T-41 Mescalero (Serial No.).

Grumman OV-1B Mohawk (Serial No.).

Grumman OV-1D Mohawk (Serial No.).

Hiller OH-23D Raven Helicopter (Serial No.).

Hiller OH-23D Raven Helicopter (Serial No.).

Hughes OH-6A Cayuse Helicopter (Serial No.)

H-137 Helicopter (Serial No.), project.

T-42A (Serial No.).

Hughes TH-55A Osage Helicopter (Serial No.).

U-21G (Serial No.).


Martin MGM-1 TM-61 Mace (Serial No. 52-1872).

Kennesaw, Atlanta FAA ARTC, Cobb County Airport, McCollum Field, 30144.

North American F-100C Super Sabre (Serial No.).

Macon, Robins AFB, Air National Guard, Cocrane Field, 31098-2235.

North American F-86L Sabre Dog (Serial No.).

Marietta, Cobb County Youth Museum, 649 Cheatham Hill Drive, 30064.

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 51-9382), with overhead cover.

Marietta Museum of History, Aviation Wing, Dobbins AFB & Atlanta Naval Air Station, Heritage Park.

 (Carl Tyson Photo)

Bell AH-1 Cobra Helicopter (Serial No.).

 (Carl TysonPhoto)

Boeing B-29 Superfortress (Serial No. 44-70113), 58, "Miss Marilyn Gay".  This aircraft flew with the 883rd Bomb Squadron of the 500th Bomb Group in the 73rd Bomb Wing of the 20th Air Force, and flew 27 bombing missions before the end of the Second World War.  This B-29 is credited with shooting down a confirmed 3 Japanese fighter planes, with 3 more probable fighter kills.  After the end of the war, this B-29 was renamed "Hoof Hearted", and served over England before it was decommissioned in 1956 and sent to the Aberdeen proving Grounds in Maryland.  In 1973, the B-29 was recovered for restoration. In 1994, the Marietta B-29 Association sponsored restoration and put it on display at Dobbins ARB as "Sweet Elois". 

 (Carl Tyson Photo)

Douglas A-4A Skyhawk (BuNo. 139956), AF-00, c/n 11321, mounted on a pylon.

Grumman OV-1 Mohawk (Serial No.).

Grumman A-6E Intruder (BuNo. 155648), AF-501, c/n I-374.

 (Carl Tyson Photo)

Grumman F-14A Tomcat (BuNo. 160909), AF-101, c/n 338, VF-201.

(Carl Tyson Photo)

Grumman E-2B Hawkeye (BuNo. 151098).

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No.).

Lockheed AC-130A Spectre (Serial No. 54-1623), "Ghost Rider".

Lockheed C-141B Starlifter (Serial No. 66-0186), c/n 300-6212.

Lockheed S-3B Viking (BuNo. 159743), c/n 394A-1072.

 (Carl Tyson Photo)

LTV A-7E Corsair II (BuNo. 157452), AF-500, c/n E-108, mounted on a pylon.

McDonnell F-4C Phantom II (Serial No.).

 (Carl Tyson Photo)

McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet (BuNo.).

North American F-100D Super Sabre (Serial No.).

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6476).

 (Otto Dickey Photo)

Republic F-105G Thunderchief (Serial No. 63-8345).

Peachtree City

General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 79-0345), MC, c/n 61-130, mounted on a pylon at the Falcon Field Regional Airport.

Peachtree City, Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing, Falcon Field, 1200 Echo Crescent, 30269.

Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor (Serial No.).

Beechcraft T-34B Mentor (Serial No. BG21), Reg. No. N687HV, built in 1955.

Bell P-63A Kingcobra (Serial No. 42-68941), Reg. No. N191H, previously N636GA, made its first post-restoration flight on 18 Feb 2017.

Douglas SBD Dauntless (BuNo.).

Fairchild PT-26 Cornell (Serial No.).

Focke-Wulf Fw 149 (Serial No.).

Goodyear FG-1D Corsair (BuNo. 92468).

Grumman OV-1 Mohawk (Serial No.).

Nakajima Navy B5N Type 97 replica.

North American AT-6 Texan (Serial No.).

North American SNJ Texan (Serial No.).

North American SNJ Texan (Serial No.).

 (André Du-pont (Mexico Air Spotters) Photo)

North American P-51D-25NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-73843), ex-RCAF (Serial No. 9271), G-VF, "Old Red Nose", Reg. No. N10601.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit (Serial No.).

Soko 522.

L-16, project.


Pooler, National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, 175 Bourne Ave., 31322.  Off Hwy I-95 and US Hwy 80.

Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No.).

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (Serial No.), “City of Savannah”. 

The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force is restoring its B-17 in honour of the Flying Fortress named “City of Savannah” on 3 Dec 1944. The aircraft, on loan from the National Air and Space Museum, was the 5000th airplane processed through Hunter Army Air Field at Savannah during the Second World War. It was christened prior to its take-off to England to fly combat missions with the 388th Bomb Group, 563rd Squadron of the 8th Air Force.  The crew flew their first combat mission from Knettishall on 15 January 1945. Lt. Kittle and his crew were shot down over Kraslice, Czechoslovakia in a different aircraft on their 13th mission to Plauen, Germany on 5 March 1945. Nine members of the crew became prisoners of war and one crewman was killed in action. The aircraft, “City of Savannah” flew 44 combat missions in the Second World War.

 (Chris Light Photo)

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (Serial No. 44-83690), c/n 32331, painted to resemble (Serial No. 42-31255), "Miss Liberty Belle", WF-Y of the 305th Bomb Group.  Previously served as a DB-17P drone detector until 1958.  This aircraft had previously been on outdoor display since 1961 at the Grissom Air Museum in Indiana.

 (Stony Photo, left, StudentJCase Photo, right)

 (Jim Hoagland Photo)

Boeing NTB-47B Stratojet (Serial No. 50-0062), c/n 450077, trainer variant with a 4th seat and the tail turret removed.  This aircraft is on loan from the NMUSAF.

Consolidated B-24J Liberator (Serial No. 42-51457), c/n 2988, “Fightin’ Sam”, nose section.

Messerschmitt Bf 109, replica.

 (USAAF Photo, ca 1946)

 (Jim Hoagland Photos)

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Serial No. T-2-500).

 (Bubba73 Photo, left, Jim Hoagland Photo, right)

McDonnell F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 64-0815), GA, c/n 1143.  On loan from the NMUSAF.

 (Jim Hoagland Photos)

 (Keith Oratz Photo)

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17F Fresco (Serial No. 46), North Vietnamese Air Force colours.

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed cockpit.

 (Jim Hoagland Photo)

North American P-51D-10-NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-14061), PE-B, 328th FS, 352nd FG, 8th AF, USAAF, replica.

Savannah, Hunter Army Airfield

Beechcraft RU-21H Ute (Serial No. 67-18105).

Bell UH-1F Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 92-00159).

 (Adrian Brooks Photo)

Bell AH-1F Cobra Helicopter (Serial No. 00-00609).

 (Adrian Brooks Photos)

Bell OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter (possibly Serial No. 92-00589).

 (Adrian Brooks Photo)

Grumman OV-1D Mohawk (Serial No. 67-18922), c/n 123C, 922.

Savannah, Air National Guard, 165th TAG/MA, Savannah International Airport, 31402.

North American F-86L Sabre Dog (Serial No.).

Republic F-84D Thunderflash (Serial No.).

Savanah, State College, 31404.

Douglas A-4L Skyhawk (BuNo.).


North American P-51D Mustang, ex-RAAF (Serial No. A68-100), adpoted (Serial No. 44-14777), HL-N, "Flying Dutchman", Reg. No. N51AB.  Plane Fun Inc., Snelville.

Sparta, Georgia State Military Academy, National Guard Academy.

Grumman OV-1 Mohawk (Serial No.).

Sikorsky CH-54D Helicopter (Serial No.).

Tallapoosa, Haralson County Veterans Memorial Park

Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. TBC), 992, mounted on a pylon.

Republic F-105D-20-RE Thunderchief (Serial No. TBC), painted as (Serial No. 61-0127) which was shot down by ground fire near Chi Lang/Cao Nung, North Vietnam in 1967, mounted on a pylon.

Republic F-105 Thunderchief (Serial No. TBC).

Thomasville, Power of the Past Museum, Regional Airport.

Travel Air 2000.

Waco RNF.

Valdosta, Moody AFB, 347 MSS/DPF, 5124 Austin Ellipse, 31699-1507.

Curtis P-40E Warhawk replica mounted on a pylon, Chinese Nationalist and Flying Tiger markings.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 9191), TR-191, 299, 9.

LTV A-7 Corsair II (Serial No. 72-0352), EL.

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 0467).

 ( Senior Airman Eileen Meier, USAF Photo)

North American F-86L Sabre Dog (Serial No. 52-10057), FU-057, MY, c/n 190-782, George W. Bush Airpark, Moody Field

Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Serial No. 610165), MF.

Warner Robins, Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Georgia Hwy 247 & Russell Parkway, 31088.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Aeronca L-16B Grasshopper (Serial No. 1079), Reg. No. NC82446, c/n 77, Civil Air Patrol markings.  Champ 7AC. (Jim Hoagland Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

Beechcraft C-45G Expeditor (Serial No. 52-11653), c/n AF-210.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan, painted as (Serial No. 127391), 232.

Bell TH-13B Sioux Helicopter (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Bell UH-1F Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-7959), c/n 7100.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Bell UH-1N Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 159187), SN-03, ex-HMLA-169.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Bell UH-1P Iroquois Helicopter (Serial No. 65-7925), c/n 7066.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Benson X-25A Gyrocopter (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No. 42-16365).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Boeing B-29A Superfortress (Serial No. 44-61739), c/n 11216, nose section.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Mark 6 Nuclear Bomb with B-29.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Boeing B-29B Superfortress (Serial No. 44-84053), “The Bonny Lee”.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Boeing KC-97L Stratofreighter (Serial No. 53-0298), c/n 17080.

 (Carl Tyson Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

Boeing B-52D Stratofortress (Serial No. 55-0085).

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Boeing Rockwell B-1B Lancer (Serial No. 83-0069), painted as (Serial No. 86-0098), DY, c/n 6.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Boeing EC-135N Stratotanker (Serial No. 61-0327), c/n 18234.

 (Jim Hoagland Photo, left, Greg Goebel Photo, right)

British Aerospace BAe Electric Lightning F53 (Serial No. ZF593), L, c/n 95298.  Ex-Royal Saudi Air Force (Serial No. 53-692), 1307, 225, painted as an RAF F6.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna UC-78B Bobcat (Serial No. 42-71714).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna L-19A/O-1E Bird Dog (Serial No. 51-12857), c/n 23314.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna O-2A Super Skymaster (Serial No. 67-21380), c/n 337M-0086.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna U-3B Blue Canoe (Serial No. 60-6052), c/n 310M0007.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna T-37B Tweet (Serial No. 60-0100).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Cessna A-37A Dragonfly (Serial No. 67-14525).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Chanute 1896 Glider, replica.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Convair F-102A Delta Dagger (Serial No. 56-1151), FC-151.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Convair F-106A Delta Dart (Serial No. 59-0123), c/n 8-31-12.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Curtiss P-40N Warhawk (Serial No. 42-105927), c/n 29689.

 (Alan Wilson Photo, left, Greg Goebel Photo, right)

Curtiss C-46D Commando (Serial No. 42-101198), 198, S, c/n 30653.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

De Havilland Canada U-6A Beaver (Serial No. 52-6087), c/n 454.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

De Havilland Canada C-7A Caribou (Serial No. 63-9756), KN, c/n 218.

Douglas C-47A Skytrain (Serial No.), fuselage only.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Douglas R4D-6 Skytrain (Serial No. 43-49442), painted as a C-47J in D-Day markings.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Douglas C-54G Skymaster (Serial No. 44-0579), c/n 36032.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Douglas A-26C Invader (Serial No. 44-35732), c/n 29011.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

 (Alan Wilson Photo, left, Greg Goebel Photo, right)

 (Greg Goebel Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

Douglas WB-66D Destroyer (Serial No. 55-0392), c/n 45024.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Douglas C-124C Globemaster II (Serial No. 51-0089), c/n 43423.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Epps 1912 Monoplane, replica.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Fairchild PT-19A Cornell (Serial No. 42-2802).

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Fairchild C-119C Flying Boxcar (Serial No. 51-2566), c/n 10524.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Fairchild C-123K Provider (Serial No. 54-0633) c/n 20082.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II (Serial No. 75-0305), c/n A10-0054.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

General Dynamics F-111E Aardvark (Serial No. 68-0055), UH, c/n A1-224/E-65.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon (Serial No. 81-0676), c/n 61-357.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Grumman HU-16B Albatross (Serial No. 51-7144), c/n G-194.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Helio U-10B Super Courier (Serial No. 63-13096).

Hiller H-23B Raven Helicopter (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Kaman HH-43A Huskie Helicopter (Serial No. 58-1833).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Kaman HH-43B Huskie Helicopter (Serial No. 58-1845).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Laister-Kauffman TG-4A Yankee Doodle Glider (Serial No. 42-43740).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed C-60A Lodestar (Serial No. 42-55918), c/n 18-55918, ``Classy Chassis``.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star (Serial No. 45-8357).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 53-5199).

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Lockheed EC-121K Warning Star (BuNo. 141297), c/n 4421, painted as a USAF EC-121S.

 (350z33 Photo, left, Greg Goebel Photo, right)

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed SP-2H Neptune (BuNo. 147954), painted as (Serial No. 54-4037), c/n 726-7204, RB-69A.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed C-130A Hercules (Serial No. 57-0478), fuselage nose section only.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed AC-130A Spectre (Serial No. 55-0014), c/n 182-3041.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed C-130E Hercules (Serial No. 63-7868).

Lockheed YMC-130H Hercules (Serial No. 74-1686), c/n 382-4669.

 (Greg Goebel Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

Lockheed VC-140B Jetstar (Serial No. 61-2488).

 (Jim Hoagland Photo)

Lockheed C-141B Starlifter (Serial No. 66-0180), c/n 300-6206.

(Alan Wilson Photos)

Lockheed C-141C Starlifter (Serial No. 65-0248), c/n 300-6099.

Lockheed F-104A Starfighter (Serial No. 56-0817), FG-817, c/n 183-1105.

 (Alan Wilson Photos) (350z33 Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird (Serial No. 61-7958), c/n 2009.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Lockheed U-2D Dragon Lady (Serial No. 56-6682).

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

 (Greg Goebel Photo)

Martin RB-57A Canberra (Serial No. 52-1475), c/n 040.

 (Greg Goebel Photo)

Martin WB-57F Night Intruder (Serial No. 63-13293), c/n 173.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

McDonnell F-101F Voodoo (Serial No. 58-0276), c/n 648.

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo (Serial No. 65-0229), c/n 5656, 41518, c/n 229, Chinese Nationalist Air Force markings.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

McDonnell F-4C Phantom II (Serial No. 63-7485), c/n 481.

McDonnell F-4C Phantom II (Serial No.), nose section only.

 (350z33 Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

McDonnell F-4D Phantom II (Serial No. 66-7554), DO, c/n 2091, two kill markings.

 (Alan Wilson Photo, left, 350z33 Photo, right)

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle (Serial No. 73-0085), WR, c/n 23/A019.

McDonnell Douglas F-15B Eagle (Serial No. 76-0132), c/n 246/B034.

McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle (Serial No.), nose only.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17A Fresco, c/n 540713, initially 86 Blue, now (Serial No. 2047), ex-Bulgarian Air Force.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American T-6G Texan (Serial No. 49-3217), c/n 168-321.

  (USAF Photo)

North American P-51D Mustang (Serial No. 44-13704), 374 Fighter Squadron,  361 Fighter Group, ca 1945.

 (350z33 Photo, left, Alan Wilson Photo, right)

North American P-51D-5NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-13704), B7-H, c/n 122-27337, “Ferocious Frankie”, composite built from parts of three different Mustangs.

North American P-51H-5NA Mustang (Serial No. 44-64265), c/n 126-37691, PF-195, “Louisiana Heat Wave”, recently restored.  This aircraft has been transferred from the Chanute Air Museum near Rantoul, Illinois following the museum's closure in Oct 2015

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American B-25J Mitchell (Serial No. 44-86872), c/n 108-47626, composite aircraft, painted as (Serial No. 43-27676), “Little King”.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American F-86L Sabre Dog (Serial No. 52-3651), previously on display at Macon.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American F-86H Sabre (Serial No. 53-1511), FU-511, c/n 203-283.

North American F-100D Super Sabre (Serial No. 56-2995), flew in the Vietnam War, nick-named "Cong Killer", 309th Tactical Fighter Squadron.  Previously stood as a gate guard at Otis AFB in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Traded for North American F-100C Super Sabre (Serial No. 54-1851), c/n 217-112.

North American F-100F Super Sabre (Serial No. 58-1232), c/n 255-28.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco (Serial No. 67-14623).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American T-28A Trojan (Serial No. 51-3612).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

North American T-39A Sabreliner (Serial No. 62-4461), c/n 276-14.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Northrop F-89J Scorpion (Serial No. 53-2463).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Northrop T-38A Talon (Serial No. 65-103245), ED, c/n N5744.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Piasecki Vertol CH-21B Workhorse Helicopter (Serial No. 52-8685), c/n B.47.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Pitts S-1C Special, Reg. No. N11HC.

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Republic F-84E Thunderjet (Serial No. 51-0604), FS-604A.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak (Serial No. 52-6701), FS-701.

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash (Serial No. 52-7244).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Republic F-105D Thunderchief (Serial No. 62-4259), C/N D458, RK, "Cajun Queen".  On display in Hangar 1.

Republic F-105F Thunderchief (Serial No. 63-8309), HI, C/N F86.

Rockwell U4B AeroCommander (Serial No. 63-7948), c/n 680F-1060-58.  Reg. No. N6185X, N37948.

Ryan PT-17 Recruit (Serial No.).

Ryan PT-19 Recruit (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Ryan PT-22 Recruit (Serial No. 41-21039), 66, Reg. No. N2860D.

Schweizer TG-4A (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Sikorsky HH-19D Chickasaw Helicopter (Serial No. 65-7959), painted as a USAF UH-19B.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Sikorsky HH-34J Choctaw Helicopter (BuNo. 148963), c/n 58-1366.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Sikorsky HH-3E Jolly Green Giant Helicopter (Serial No. 67-14703), c/n 61605.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV Helicopter (Serial No. 70-1626), c/n 65-336.

Sikorsky CH-3E Helicopter (Serial No.).

Sikorsky CH-3E Helicopter (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Stinson L-5E Sentinel (Serial No.).

 (Alan Wilson Photos)

Vultee BT-13B Valiant (Serial No. 42-90018), 18.


AIM 4D, E, F, & G Falcon missiles.

AIM 9J Sidewinder missile.

AIM 26A Super Falcon missile.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Beechcraft MQM-107D Streaker Subsonic Aerial Target (Serial No. 85-271).

Boeing YCGM-121B Seek Spinner.

Douglas AIR-2A Genie missile.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Lockheed GTD-21B Drone (Serial No. 0358).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Martin TM-61A Matador missile (Serial No. 52-1891).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Martin MGM-13A (TM-76A) Mace missile (Serial No. 58-1465).

McDonnell ADM-20 Quail (GAM-72), air-launched decoy missile.

Northrop AGM-136A Tacit Rainbow.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Teledyne Ryan AQM-34V Firebee (Serial No. 74-2147).

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Ryan BQM-34A-53 Firebee.

Ryan BQM-34F Firebee II (Serial No. 71-1812).

Ryan AQM-34N Reconnaissance Drone.

 (Alan Wilson Photo)

Soviet S-200 Vega Surface-to-Air Missile.

Warner Robins

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 52-9225), city static display.

Waynesboro, American Legion Post 120.

Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 51-6635), city static display.


Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (Serial No. 51-6612), city static display. 

Williamson, Candler Field Museum, Peachstate Aerodrome, 349 Jonathans Roost Road, 30292.

Boeing Stearman C-3B/PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No.).

Boeing Stearman 6L/PT-17 Kaydet (Serial No.).

Curtiss Robin (Serial No.)..

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny (Serial No.).

Douglas DC-3A (Serial No.)..

Waco YMF-5 (Serial No.).

Woodstock, Air Acres Museum, 376 Air Acres Way, 30188-2910.

Piper J-4.

Ryan L-17B Navion (Serial No).

Woodstock, Warbirds of America, Square 17, 455 Air Acres Way.

Beechcraft C-45J Expeditor (Serial No.).

Ryan PT-17 Recruit (Serial No.).

Stinson 108-3 (Serial No.).