Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Canada, Province by Province, Volume 1, New Brunswick

Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Canada, Province by Province,

Volume 1, New Brunswick

Data current to 8 Feb 2021.

This book is an informative and detailed synopsis of the carefully preserved and restored tracked and wheeled military vehicles preserved in New Brunswick.  Its primary focus is on the armour that has been in service with the Canadian Army from the Cold War to the present.  There are also a few pieces of armour representing the forces of former Warsaw Pact nations.

The tanks and armoured fighting vehicles found in New Brunswick represent some of the difficulties Canadian soldiers have had to face to protect our nation from the threats posed by numerous adversaries.  It has been an honour for those of us who have served in the Canadian Forces, but the task of keeping our nation safe is unlikely to ever be complete.  These weapons of war are preserved to remind us of what may come when opposition to our freedom and way of life stands unopposed.  We must choose to be well prepared to meet potential threats with vigilance, proper training and equipment, sound alliances and an understanding of what the cost may be.

Weapons of war are an integral part of what keeps this nation safe, although the examples that have been preserved in Canada to make it so are few and far between.  The descriptions of armour presented in this book, and the places in New Brunswick where they can be viewed, highlight the importance of the equipment that brought our nation forward at key turning points in modern history.  These surviving tanks and AFVs should help to serve as a window on how Canada, and in particular, New Brunswick’s military contribution to security in the world has had to evolve in order to meet the difficulties and increasingly dangerous challenges we have had to face both in peace and war.

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5/2, CFR 53-81201, L7 105-mm Gun, “Worthy”, West of Bldg J-7.

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