Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
Sword, Canadian Army Officer

Infantry Officer Sword

Canadian Armed Forces

Data current to 26 April 2020.

City of Fredericton parade with elements of 1 RNBR and 5 CDSB Gagetown, Mayor Brad Woodside at the saluting stand in front of City Hall, 2011, with my sword and I at the right.

"Back in the day", although not required, it was expected that an Army Officer in the Canadian Forces would own and carry their own swords on ceremonial occasions.  Traditionally, one purhcased the sword at the time of commissioning, with the date of the commission and one's name engraved on both the sword blade and scabbard.  One of this officer's proud moments was taking part in the Freedom of the City of Fredericton parade carry my sword.  Some details are attached for your interest.

Solingen Blade, length 825-mm, blade width 25-mm, blade thickness 6.5-mm, nickel-plated, engraved with QE II Royal cypher, Damascus Star and officer's name and date of commission.  Almost all military swords of the past century, regardless of trademark, are made from Solingen blanks. The Wilkinson sword, usually regarded as the best, is no exception.

Scabbard, 865-mm, nickel-plated, hand-polished steel tube with two attachment rings, engraved with officer's name and date of commission.

Guard, pierced with Queen Elizabeth II Royal cypher, hand-polished, nickel-plated with nickel-plated brass cap. The Royal Cypher has appeared on most Commonwealth swords since King George I began the custom in 1725.

Gold sword knot fixed to the guard.

Sharkskin grip, wrapped with three silver-plated wires in seven rows.

Produced in accordance with the British MOD specifications UK/SC/6202 Issue, and Canadian DND/DSSPM specifications.

Sword and scabbard engraved with the name H.A. Skaarup, date of commision 1 Sep 1973.

Canadian Armed Forces pattern white leather sword belt and side slings, finished on both sides, with gold plated brass fittings.