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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1950–1989, Destroyers (St. Laurent, Restigouche, Mackenzie, Annapolis and Iroquois Class)

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1950–1989,


Data currrent to 10 June 2019.

St. Laurent-class helicopter destroyers (initially built as destroyer escorts, later refit and redesignated)

HMCS Assiniboine (DDH 234) (II); HMCS Fraser (DDH 233) (II); HMCS Margaree (DDH 230) (II); HMCS Ottawa (DDH 229) (III); HMCS St. Laurent (DDH 205) (II); HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) (II); HMCS Saguenay (DDH 206) (II)

HMCS Assiniboine (DDH 234) (II)

(Comox Air Force Museum Photos)

HMCS Assiniboine (DDH 234) (II), with a Piasecki HUP-3 helicopter, RCN (Serial No. 51-16622) landing on the rear deck, Aug 1963.

HMCS Fraser (DDH 233) (II)

 (USN Photo)

HMCS Fraser (DDH 233) (II), 1983.

HMCS Margaree (DDH 230) (II)

(USN Photo)

HMCS Margaree (DDH 230) (II).

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4951255)

HMCS Margaree (DDH 230) (II), 10 Feb 1958.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4951237)

HMCS Margaree (DDH 230) (II), Esquimalt, BC, ca 1958.

HMCS Saguenay (DDH 206) (II)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4821229)

HMCS Saguenay (DDH 206) (II) and HMCS Ottawa, Key West, Florida, 1957.

HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) (II)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4951155)

HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) (II), testing anti-radioactive fallout wetting spray in Bedwell Harbour, BC, 1957.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4821372)

HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) (II), commissioning, 1957.

HMCS St. Laurent (DDH 205) (II)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4718898)

HMCS St. Laurent (DDH 205) (II), 1966.

Restigouche-class destroyer escorts

HMCS Chaudière (DDE 235) (II); HMCS Columbia (DDE 260) (II); HMCS Gatineau (DDE 236) (II); HMCS Kootenay (DDE 258) (II); HMCS Restigouche (DDE 257) (II); HMCS St. Croix (DDE 256) (II); HMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259)

HMCS Chaudière (DDE 235) (II)

 (RCN Photo)

HMCS Chaudière (DDE 235) (II).  Lt (N) Dale Ray Skaarup served on this ship.

HMCS Gatineau (DDE 236) (II)

 (Author Photo)

HMCS Gatineau (DDE 236) (II), Halifax, Nova Scotia.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4951312)

HMCS Gatineau (DDE 236) (II), view of Chicago, 1959.

HMCS Kootenay (DDE 258) (II)

  (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 482151)

HMCS Kootenay (DDE 258) (II), in the first lock of the Welland Canal, Ontario, 1959.

 (USN Photo)

HMCS Kootenay (DDE 258) (II), visiting Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1986.

HMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259).

(USN Photo)

HMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259), PearlHarbor, Hawaii, 1986.

Mackenzie-class destroyer escorts

HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261); HMCS Qu’Appelle (DDE 264) (II); HMCS Saskatchewan (DDE 262) (II); HMCS Yukon (DDE 263)

HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4997190)

HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261), 21 Sep 1962.

(USN Photos, PH2 M. Correa)

HMCS Mackenzie (DDE 261), 1992.

HMCS Qu’Appelle (DDE 264) (II)

 (USN Photo)

HMCS Qu’Appelle (DDE 264) (II) at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1990.

HMCS Saskatchewan (DDE 262) (II)

 (DND Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Saskatchewan (DDE 262) (II)

HMCS Yukon (DDE 263)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Yukon (DDE 263)

Annapolis-class helicopter destroyers

HMCS Annapolis (DDH 265) (II); HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266) (II)

HMCS Annapolis (DDH 265) (II)

 (Bbaumgardner Photo)

HMCS Annapolis (DDH 265) (II)

HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266) (II)

 (USN Photo, PH3 J. Elliott)

HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266) (II).

Iroquois-class area air defence destroyers (decommissioned ships only, see also “current ships” section above)

HMCS Huron (DDH 281)

(USN Photo, Photographer's Mate 1st Class Franklin Call)

HMCS Huron (DDH 281).