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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1931–1949, River and Loch Class Frigates

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1931–1949,

River and Loch Class Frigates

Data currrent to 15 June 2019.

River Class Frigates and Loch Class Frigates

Frigates were initially called "twin-screw corvettes" and were larger and more habitable than the standard corvettes.  They had twice the endurance rate, at 7,200 sea miles at 12 knots.  The RCN frigates were named for rivers, hence the name "River class".  60 frigates were built in Canada for the RCN in 1942/1943, and another ten were built for the United Kingdom on a lend-lease agreement with the USA.  In 1944 seven RN frigates were transferred to the RCN, along with three of the Loch class (a slightly larger model designed to be built from prefabricated parts.  Most of the RCN frigates were armed with twin 4-inch guns.  Some were retained after the Second World War, and between 1953 and 1958, 21 of the River class frigates were converted to flush-deck models and the quarterdeck was enclosed to house tow Squid anti-submarine mortars.  The bridge was greatly enlarged and the funnel was heightened.  These modified warships were known as Prestonian class ocean escorts.  Most had been paid off by 1968.  HMCS Victoriaville was renamed HMCS Grandby in 1968 and became a diving tender.

HMCS Annan (K404) (River-class); HMCS Antigonish (K661) (River-class); HMCS Beacon Hill (K407) (River-class); HMCS Buckingham (K685) (River-class); HMCS Cap de la Madeleine (K663) (River-class); HMCS Cape Breton (K350) (River-class); HMCS Capilano (K409) (River-class); HMCS Carlplace (K664) (River-class); HMCS Charlottetown (K244) (River-class); HMCS Chebogue (K317) (River-class); HMCS Coaticook (K410) (River-class); HMCS Eastview (K665) (River-class); HMCS Ettrick (K254) (River-class); HMCS Fort Erie (K670) (River-class); HMCS Glace Bay (K414) (River-class); HMCS Grou (K518) (River-class); HMCS Hallowell (K666) (River-class); HMCS Inch Arran (K667) (River-class); HMCS Joliette (K418) (River-class); HMCS Jonquiere (K318) (River-class); HMCS Kirkland Lake (K337) (River-class); HMCS Kokanee (K419) (River-class); HMCS La Hulloise (K668) (River-class); HMCS Lanark (K669) (River-class); HMCS Lasalle (K519) (River-class); HMCS Lauzon (K371) (River-class); HMCS Levis (K400) (River-class); HMCS Longueuil (K672) (River-class); HMCS Magog (K673) (River-class); HMCS Matane (K444) (River-class); HMCS Meon (K269) (River-class); HMCS Monnow (K441) (River-class); HMCS Montreal (K319) (River-class); HMCS Nene (K270)(River-class); HMCS New Glasgow (K320) (River-class); HMCS New Waterford (K321) (River-class); HMCS Orkney (K448) (River-class); HMCS Outremont (K322) (River-class); HMCS Penetang (K676) (River-class); HMCS Port Colborne (K326) (River-class); HMCS Poundmaker (K675) (River-class); HMCS Prestonian (K662) (River-class); HMCS Prince Rupert (K324) (River-class); HMCS Ribble (K525) (River-class); HMCS Royal Mount (K677) (River-class); HMCS Runnymede (K678) (River-class); HMCS Sea Cliff (K344) (River-class); HMCS Springhill (K323) (River-class); HMCS St. Catharines (K325) (River-class); HMCS Saint John (K456) (River-class); HMCS St. Pierre (K680) (River-class); HMCS St. Stephen (K454) (River-class); HMCS Ste. Thérèse (K366) (River-class); HMCS Stettler (K681) (River-class); HMCS Stone Town (K531) (River-class); HMCS Stormont (K327) (River-class); HMCS Strathadam (K682) (River-class); HMCS Sussexvale (K683) (River-class); HMCS Swansea (K328) (River-class); HMCS Teme (K458) (River-class); HMCS Thetford Mines (K459) (River-class); HMCS Toronto (K538) (River-class); HMCS Valleyfield (K329) (River-class); HMCS Victoriaville (K684) (River-class); HMCS Waskesiu (K330) (River-class); HMCS Wentworth (K331) (River-class).

Loch Class Frigates

HMCS Loch Achanalt (K424) (Loch-class); HMCS Loch Alvie (K428) (Loch-class); HMCS Loch Morlich (K517) (Loch-class)

HMCS Annan (K404) 

 (IWM Photo, FL624)

HMCS Annan (K404) 

HMCS Antigonish (K661) 

 (City of Vancouver Archives Photo)

HMCS Antigonish (K661), 14 June 1947.

HMCS Beacon Hill (K407)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Beacon Hill (K407) (River-class).

HMCS Buckingham (K685) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Buckingham (K685), Lunenburg, ca 1963.

HMCS Buckingham (K685) was a river-class frigate.  She was recommissioned in the 1950s and modernized as a Prestonian-class escort, and was further modified as a platform to test the helicopter carrying concept.  This dual 4-inch gun would have been the bow gun (technically in a "B" gun position) and came to the community after the vessel was decommissioned and sold for scrap to an Italian firm in 1965.

 (Author Photo)

4-inch/45 QF Mk. XVI* Twin Guns  (Serial No. S/14556), L, left, and (Serial No. S/covered with paint), R, right, on a Mk. XIX High Angle mounting, from HMCS Buckingham.  Buckingham, Quebec.

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine (K663)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Cap de la Madeleine (K663), 317.

HMCS Cape Breton (K350)

 (RCN Photo)

HMCS Cape Breton (K350) (River-class).

HMCS Capilano (K409) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Capilano (K409) (River-class).

HMCS Carlplace (K664)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Carlplace (K664) (River-class).

HMCS Charlottetown (K244)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Charlottetown (K244) (River-class).

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Charlottetown (K244) (River-class).

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Charlottetown (K244) (River-class).

HMCS Chebogue (K317)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Chebogue (K317) (River-class).

HMCS Coaticook (K410) 

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3554611)

HMCS Coaticook (K410) (River-class).

HMCS Eastview (K665) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Eastview (K665), (River-class).

 (IWM Photo, FL 11755)

HMCS Ettrick (K254) (River-class), as HMS Ettrick, 1944.

HMCS Fort Erie (K670) 

 (Chris Carnall Photo)

HMCS Fort Erie (K670) (River-class).

HMCS Glace Bay (K414)

 (Gary Penelton Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Glace Bay (K414) (River-class)

HMCS Grou (K518)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Grou (K518) (River-class)

HMCS Hallowell (K666)

  (DND Photo)

HMCS Hallowell (K666) (River-class)

HMCS Inch Arran (K667)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Inch Arran (K667) (River-class), 308.

HMCS Joliette (K418) 

 (John Newton Photo)

HMCS Joliette (K418) (River-class)

HMCS Jonquiere (K318)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Jonquiere (K318) (River-class), 318.

HMCS Kirkland Lake (K337) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Kirkland Lake (K337) (River-class)

HMCS Kokanee (K419) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Kokanee (K419) (River-class)

HMCS La Hulloise (K668) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS La Hulloise (K668) (River-class).

HMCS Lanark (K669) 

 (William Carey Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Lanark (K669) (River-class), 321.

HMCS Lasalle (K519)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Lasalle (K519) (River-class).

HMCS Lauzon (K371)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Lauzon (K671) (River-class), entering St. John's Harbour, NLFD circa 1945.  322.

HMCS Levis (K400)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Levis (K400) (River-class).

HMCS Longueuil (K672) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Longueuil (K672) (River-class).

HMCS Magog (K673) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Magog (K673) (River-class).

HMCS Matane (K444)

 (IWM Photo, FL15119)

HMCS Matane (K444) (River-class).

HMCS Meon (K269)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Meon (K269) (River-class).

HMCS Monnow (K441)

 (IWM Photo, A 22680)

HMCS Monnow (K441) (River-class), as HMS Monnow.

HMCS Montreal (K319)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Montreal (K319) (River-class).

HMCS Nene (K270) 

 (IWM Photo, FL16727)

HMCS Nene (K270) (River-class).

HMS Nene, later HMCS Nene, was a River-class frigate, designed for anti-submarine operations.  She was crewed by both the British and the Canadian navies during the Second World War.

HMCS New Glasgow (K320) 

  (DND Photo)

(DND Photo)

HMCS New Glasgow (K320) (River-class), 315.

HMCS New Waterford (K321)

 (DND Photo) (DND Photo)

HMCS New Waterford (K321) (River-class), 304.

HMCS Orkney (K448)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Orkney (K448) (River-class)

HMCS Outremont (K322)

 (Bud Rose Photo)

HMCS Outremont (K322) (River-class), 310.

HMCS Penetang (K676)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Penetang (K676) (River-class).

HMCS Port Colborne (K326) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Port Colborne (K326) (River-class).

HMCS Poundmaker (K675)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3554608)

HMCS Poundmaker (K675) (River-class).

HMCS Prestonian (K662)

 (Margaret & Duane Drouillard Photo)

HMCS Prestonian (K662) (River-class).

HMCS Prince Rupert (K324)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Prince Rupert (K324) (River-class)

HMCS Ribble (K525) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Ribble (K525) (River-class).

HMCS Royal Mount (K677)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Royal Mount (K677) (River-class).

HMCS Runnymede (K678)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Runnymede (K678) (River-class).

HMCS Sea Cliff (K344)

 (David Ross Photo)

HMCS Sea Cliff (K344) (River-class), 31 March 1945.

HMCS Springhill (K323)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Springhill (K323) (River-class).

HMCS St. Catharines (K325) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS St. Catharines (K325) (River-class).

HMCS Saint John (K456)

 (LCdr Stacy Photo)

HMCS Saint John (K456) (River-class).

HMCS St. Pierre (K680)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS St. Pierre (K680) (River-class).

HMCS St. Stephen (K454)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS St. Stephen (K454) (River-class).

HMCS Ste. Thérèse (K366) 

 (RCN Photo)

HMCS Ste. Thérèse (K366) (River-class).

HMCS Stettler (K681)

(DND Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Stettler (K681) (River-class), 311.

HMCS Stone Town (K531) 

 (St. Mary's Museum Photo)

HMCS Stone Town (K531) (River-class).

HMCS Stormont (K327)

 (RCN Photo)

HMCS Stormont (K327) (River-class).

HMCS Strathadam (K682)

  (DND Photo)

 (CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum Photo)

 (CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum Photo)

HMCS Strathadam (K682) (River-class).

HMCS Sussexvale (K683) 

 (DND Photo)

(City of Vancouver Archives Photo)

HMCS Sussexvale (K683), 313, 1964.

(City of Vancouver Archives Photo)

(Wayne Egeland Photo)

 (Wayne Egeland Photo)

 (Wayne Egeland Photo)

HMCS Sussexvale (K683) (River-class).

HMCS Swansea (K328)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3194362)

HMCS Swansea (K328) (River-class), in rough seas off Bermuda, Jan 1944.

HMCS Teme (K458)

 (DND Photo)

  (DND Photo)

 (Ron Bell Photo)

HMCS Teme (K458) (River-class).

HMCS Thetford Mines (K459)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950808)

HMCS Thetford Mines (K459) (River-class),  twin 20-mm Oerlikon AA Guns on a powered mount, ca 1945.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950915)

HMCS Thetford Mines (K459) (River-class), escorting surrendered U-boats, May 1945.

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950917)

HMCS Thetford Mines (K459) (River-class), bridge.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950916)

HMCS Thetford Mines (K459) (River-class), bridge, ca 1944.

HMCS Toronto (K538)

 (Thomas J. Simpson Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Toronto (K538) (River-class), 319.

HMCS Valleyfield (K329)

(DND Photo)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Valleyfield (K329) (River-class)

HMCS Victoriaville (K684) 

 (Bob Macklem Photo)

HMCS Victoriaville (K684) (River-class).

HMCS Waskesiu (K330)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3560512)

HMCS Waskesiu (K330) (River-class), signal lamp, Apr 1944.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4821046)

HMCS Waskesiu (K330) (River-class), 1944.

HMCS Wentworth (K331) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Wentworth (K331) (River-class).

HMCS Loch Achanalt (K424) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Loch Achanalt (K424) (Loch-class), as HMS Loch Achanalt.

HMCS Loch Alvie (K428)

 (DND Photo)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950920)

HMCS Loch Alvie (K428) (Loch-class), with captured German U-boat, May 1945.

HMCS Loch Morlich (K517)

 (IWM Photo, FL 6042)

HMCS Loch Morlich (K517) (Loch-class), as HMS Loch Morlich.