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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1931–1949, Minesweepers (Algerine, Bangor, Fundy, Lake and Llewellyn Class)

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Warships (HMCS) Commissioned 1931–1949,

Minesweepers (Algerine, Bangor, Fundy, Lake and Llewellyn Class)

Data currrent to 11 June 2019.

Minesweepers, Algerine Class

HMCS Border Cities (J344) (Algerine-class); HMCS Fort Frances (J396) (Algerine-class); HMCS Kapuskasing (J326) (Algerine-class); HMCS Middlesex (J328) (Algerine-class); HMCS New Liskeard (J397) (Algerine-class); HMCS Oshawa (J330) (Algerine-class); HMCS Portage (J331) (Algerine-class); HMCS Rockcliffe (J355) (Algerine-class); HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334) (Algerine-class); HMCS St. Boniface (J332) (Algerine-class); HMCS Wallaceburg (J336) (Algerine-class); HMCS Winnipeg (J337) (Algerine-class).

Minesweepers, Bangor Class

HMCS Bayfield (J08) (Bangor-class); HMCS Bellechasse (J170) (Bangor-class); HMCS Blairmore (J314) (Bangor-class); HMCS Brockville (J270) (Bangor-class); HMCS Burlington (J250) (Bangor-class); HMCS Canso (J21) (Bangor-class); HMCS Caraquet (J38) (Bangor-class); HMCS Chedabucto (J168) (Bangor-class); HMCS Chignecto (J160) (Bangor-class); HMCS Clayoquot (J174) (Bangor-class); HMCS Courtenay (J262) (Bangor-class); HMCS Cowichan (J146) (Bangor-class); HMCS Digby (J267) (Bangor-class); HMCS Drummondville (J253) (Bangor-class); HMCS Esquimalt (J272) (Bangor-class); HMCS Fort William (J311) (Bangor-class); HMCS Gananoque (J259) (Bangor-class); HMCS Georgian (J144) (Bangor-class); HMCS Goderich (J260) (Bangor-class); HMCS Granby (J264) (Bangor-class); HMCS Grandmère (J258) (Bangor-class); HMCS Guysborough (J52) (Bangor-class); HMCS Ingonish (J69) (Bangor-class); HMCS Kelowna (J261) (Bangor-class); HMCS Kenora (J281) (Bangor-class); HMCS Kentville (J312) (Bangor-class); HMCS Lachine (J266) (Bangor-class); HMCS Lockeport (J100) (Bangor-class); HMCS Mahone (J159) (Bangor-class); HMCS Malpeque (J148) (Bangor-class); HMCS Medicine Hat (J256) (Bangor-class); HMCS Melville (J263) (Bangor-class); HMCS Milltown (J317) (Bangor-class); HMCS Minas (J165) (Bangor-class); HMCS Miramichi (J169) (Bangor-class); HMCS Mulgrave (J313) (Bangor-class); HMCS Nipigon (J154) (Bangor-class); HMCS Noranda (J265) (Bangor-class); HMCS Outarde (J161) (Bangor-class); HMCS Port Hope (J280) (Bangor-class); HMCS Quatsino (J152) (Bangor-class); HMCS Quinte (J166) (Bangor-class); HMCS Red Deer (J255) (Bangor-class); HMCS Sarnia (J309) (Bangor-class); HMCS Stratford (J310) (Bangor-class); HMCS Swift Current (J254) (Bangor-class); HMCS Thunder (J156) (Bangor-class); HMCS Transcona (J271) (Bangor-class); HMCS Trois-Rivières (J269) (Bangor-class); HMCS Truro (J268) (Bangor-class); HMCS Ungava (J149) (Bangor-class); HMCS Vegreville (J257) (Bangor-class); HMCS Wasaga (J162) (Bangor-class); HMCS Westmount (J318) (Bangor-class).

Minesweepers, Fundy Class

HMCS Comox (J64) (Fundy-class); HMCS Fundy (J88) (Fundy-class); HMCS Gaspe (J94) (Fundy-class); HMCS Nanoose (J35) (Fundy-class).

Minesweepers, Lake Class

HMCS Alder Lake (J480) (Lake-class); HMCS Ash Lake (J481) (Lake-class); HMCS Beech Lake (J482) (Lake-class); HMCS Birch Lake (J483) (Lake-class); HMCS Cedar Lake (J484) (Lake-class); HMCS Cherry Lake (J485) (Lake-class); HMCS Fir Lake (J486) (Lake-class); HMCS Hickory Lake (J487) (Lake-class); HMCS Larch Lake (J488) (Lake-class); HMCS Maple Lake (J489) (Lake-class); HMCS Oak Lake (J490) (Lake-class); HMCS Pine Lake (J491) (Lake-class); HMCS Poplar Lake (J492) (Lake-class); HMCS Spruce Lake (J493) (Lake-class); HMCS Willow Lake (J495) (Lake-class).

Minesweepers, Llewellyn Class

HMCS Coquitlam (J364) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Cranbrook (J372) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Daerwood (J357) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Kalamalka (J395) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Lavallee (J371) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Llewellyn (J278) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Lloyd George (J279) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Revelstoke (J373) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS Rossland (J358) (Llewellyn-class); HMCS St. Joseph (J359) (Llewellyn-class)

HMCS Border Cities (J344)

 (Harold Moore Photo)

HMCS Border Cities (J344) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Fort Frances (J396), 170.

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Fort Frances (J396) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Kapuskasing (J326), 171

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Kapuskasing (J326) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Middlesex (J328)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Middlesex (J328) (Algerine-class).

HMCS New Liskeard (J397), 168

 (DND Photo)

HMCS New Liskeard (J397) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Oshawa (J330)

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Oshawa (J330) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Portage (J331)

 (Rick Hamilton Photo)

HMCS Portage (J331) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Rockcliffe (J355) 

 (Roger Heward Photo)

HMCS Rockcliffe (J355) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334), 176

 (Len Burton Photo)

HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334) (Algerine-class), ca 1950.

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950902)

HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334) (Algerine-class).

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4950921)

HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334) (Algerine-class).

HMCS St. Boniface (J332) 

 (Jason Salter Photo)

HMCS St. Boniface (J332) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Wallaceburg (J336), 172

 (Steve Hlasny Photo)

HMCS Wallaceburg (J336) (Algerine-class).

HMCS Winnipeg (J337) 

 (DND Photo)

HMCS Winnipeg (J337) (Algerine-class).

Minesweepers, Bangor Class

HMCS Bayfield (J08) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Bellechasse (J170) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Blairmore (J314) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Brockville (J270) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Burlington (J250)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4090375)

HMCS Burlington (J250).

HMCS Canso (J21) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Caraquet (J38) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Chedabucto (J168) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Chignecto (J160) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Clayoquot (J174)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, PA16969)

HMCS Clayoquot (J174).

HMCS Courtenay (J262) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Cowichan (J146) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Digby (J267) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Drummondville (J253) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Esquimalt (J272)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Esquimalt (J272).

 (Author Photo, 30 Jan 2019)

HMCS Esquimalt (J272) memorial in the town of Esquimalt.

HMCS Fort William (J311) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Gananoque (J259) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Georgian (J144) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Goderich (J260)

(RCN Photo)

HMCS Goderich (J260) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Granby (J264) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Grandmère (J258)

(Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3554190)

HMCS Grandmère (J258) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Guysborough (J52) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Ingonish (J69) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Kelowna (J261) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Kenora (J281) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Kentville (J312) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Lachine (J266) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Lockeport (J100) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Mahone (J159) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Malpeque (J148) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Medicine Hat (J256) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Melville (J263) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Milltown (J317) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Minas (J165) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Miramichi (J169) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Mulgrave (J313) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Nipigon (J154) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Noranda (J265) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Outarde (J161) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Port Hope (J280) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Quatsino (J152) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Quinte (J166) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Red Deer (J255) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Sarnia (J309) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Stratford (J310) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Swift Current (J254) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Thunder (J156) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Transcona (J271) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Trois-Rivières (J269) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Truro (J268) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Ungava (J149) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Vegreville (J257)

 (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3554189)

HMCS Vegreville (J257) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Wasaga (J162) (Bangor-class).

HMCS Westmount (J318) (Bangor-class).

Minesweepers, Fundy Class

HMCS Comox (J64) (Fundy-class).

HMCS Fundy (J88) (Fundy-class).

HMCS Gaspe (J94) (Fundy-class).

HMCS Nanoose (J35) (Fundy-class).

Minesweepers, Lake Class

HMCS Alder Lake (J480) (Lake-class).

HMCS Ash Lake (J481) (Lake-class).

HMCS Beech Lake (J482) (Lake-class).

HMCS Birch Lake (J483) (Lake-class).

HMCS Cedar Lake (J484) (Lake-class).

HMCS Cherry Lake (J485) (Lake-class).

HMCS Fir Lake (J486) (Lake-class).

HMCS Hickory Lake (J487) (Lake-class).

HMCS Larch Lake (J488) (Lake-class).

HMCS Maple Lake (J489) (Lake-class).

HMCS Oak Lake (J490) (Lake-class).

HMCS Pine Lake (J491) (Lake-class).

HMCS Poplar Lake (J492) (Lake-class).

HMCS Spruce Lake (J493) (Lake-class).

HMCS Willow Lake (J495) (Lake-class).

Minesweepers, Llewellyn Class

HMCS Coquitlam (J364) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Cranbrook (J372) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Daerwood (J357) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Kalamalka (J395) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Lavallee (J371) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Llewellyn (J278) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Lloyd George (J279) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Revelstoke (J373) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS Rossland (J358) (Llewellyn-class).

HMCS St. Joseph (J359) (Llewellyn-class).