Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
New Brunswick Military Units, The Carleton and York Regiment


The Carleton and York Regiment

The Carleton and York Regiment mobilized The Carleton and York Regiment, CASF, on 1 September 1939. It was redesignated the 1st Battalion, The Carleton and York Regiment, CASF, on 7 November 1940. It embarked for Britain on 9 December 1939 and landed in Sicily on 10 July 1943 and in Italy on 3 September 1943 as part of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Infantry Division. On 16 March 1945, it moved to North-West Europe as part of Operation Goldflake, where it fought until the end of the war. The overseas battalion was disbanded on 30 September 1945. On 1 June 1945, a second Active Force battalion was mobilized for service in the Pacific, under the designation 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion, (The Carleton and York Regiment), CASF. The battalion was disbanded on 1 November 1945.

Under sniper fire, personnel of the Carleton and York Regiment advance up the steep main street of the mountain village of Campochiaro, Italy, 21 October 1943.  (Library and Archives Canada Photo)

Infantrymen from New Brunswick’s Carleton and York Regiment, prepare to storm a sniper’s position with a grenade, Campochino, Italy, 23 Oct 1943. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3200692)

Soldiers of The Carleton and York Regiment inspect a captured German anti-tank gun outside of Gambatesa after its capture, overlooking the Ponti dei 13 Archi (Bridge of the 13 Arches).

The Carleton and York Regiment is perpetuated by the Royal New Brunswick Regiment, with its Headquarters in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Carleton & York Band, Woodstock, NB, 1953.  The author's father Aage Skaarup is one of the trumpet players in this band.

Carleton & York Regiment Memorial, outside the Armoury in Fredericton.