Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
Fredericton Region Museum (FRM), Part I, Introduction

Fredericton Region Museum (FRM)

The Fredericton Region Museum (FRM), formerly known as the York Sunbury Museum, is a small, non-profit museum founded in 1934 by the York Sunbury Historical Society.  The museum was housed in several different locations until 1959, when it moved into Officers' Square on Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Data current to 18 Oct 2019.

The Textron TAPV is an armoured car currently in use by the Canadian Army.  This one was on display in front of the FRM for the RCR change of command on 28 June 2019.

There has been a long and continuous association of military forces with the city of Fredericton.

Firearms and Swords displayed in the Fredericton Region Museum are listed on separate pages on this web site.