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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warplanes 7: Helicopters, Bell CH-146 Griffon

Canadian Military Helicopters,

Bell CH-146 Griffon

Data current to 19 Jan 2019.

Bell Model 412, CH-146 Griffon Helicopter (99), (Serial Nos. 146400-146499)

 (John Davies - CYOW Airport Watch Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon Helicopter, Search & Rescue version in service with the RCAF at CFB Trenton.  (Photo courtesy of TMWolf)

Bell CH-146 Griffon Helicopter, in service with 403 Squadron.  (USAF Photo, MSgt Robert A. Whitehead)

 (Author Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon helicopter currently in service with 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, 1 Wing, 1 Canadian Air Division. 5 Canadian Division Support Group Base Gagetown, New Brunswick.

 (Steve Lynes Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146430), 430 Sqn, taking part in the Royal International Air Tattoo, 2018 in the UK.

 (Mike Kaehler Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146404), still in service with the RCAF but currently used by KF Aerospace, Reg. No. C-FYZK, at Southport, Manitoba, to support RCAF pilot training.

 (Bob Pionteck Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146403), AETE, 2009.