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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warplanes 7: Bell CH-146 Griffon

Bell CH-146 Griffon

Data current to 28 Dec 2020.

 (Author Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon helicopter currently in service with 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, 1 Wing, 1 Canadian Air Division. 5 Canadian Division Support Group Base Gagetown, New Brunswick.

Bell Model 412, CH-146 Griffon Helicopter (99), (Serial Nos. 146400-146499)

The Bell CH-146 Griffon is a multi-role utility helicopter used in a wide variety of roles, including aerial firepower, reconnaissance, search and rescue and aero-mobility tasks.  It has a crew of three, can carry up to ten troops and has a cruising speed of 220–260 km/h (120–140 kn; 140–160 mph).  The Canadian Forces purchased 100 aircraft and received them in 1995–1997.  In 2005, nine CH-146s were sold to the Allied Wings consortium to be used as trainers at No. 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, located at Southport Aerospace Centre just south of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

 (DND Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon (Serial No. 146430), No. 430 Squadron, 2 CDSB Valcartier, Quebec.

 (RCAF Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon (Serial No. 146469), 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, CFB Wainwright, Alberta, Ex MAPLE RESOLVE May 2016.

 (John Davies - CYOW Airport Watch Photo)

 (Spc. Jesse LaMorte, US Army Photo)

A Bell CH-146 Griffon helicopter provides close air support to Coalition forces on the ground during a clearing operation involving Afghan National Army Commandos and Soldiers of Special Operations Task Force South, 21 Sep 2010 in the village of Chalgor, Panjwa'i District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.  The combined force conducted the operation to clear the town of insurgent elements and clear improvised explosive devices in order to make the area safer for local villagers and Coalition forces.

On 26 November 2008, the Canadian Forces announced in a statement that eight Griffons would be modified to act as armed escorts for Boeing CH-147 Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan.   Equipped with an M134D Miniguns, the helicopters were employed in a defensive and support role, including the evacuation of battlefield casualties.  The eight CH-146s operated from Kandahar International Airport from 20 December 2008.

(TMWolf Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon Helicopter, Search & Rescue version in service with the RCAF at CFB Trenton. 

(MSgt Robert A. Whitehead, USAF Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon Helicopter, in service with No. 430 Helicopter Squadron flies over Wisconsin, 16 July 2006, during Patriot 2006

 (Steve Lynes Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146430), 430 Sqn, taking part in the Royal International Air Tattoo, 2018 in the UK.

 (Mike Kaehler Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146404), still in service with the RCAF but currently used by KF Aerospace, Reg. No. C-FYZK, at Southport, Manitoba, to support RCAF pilot training.

 (Andy Vanderheyden Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146424).

 (Andy Vanderheyden Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146491).

 (Andy Vanderheyden Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146491).

 (Andy Vanderheyden Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146491).

 (Bob Pionteck Photo)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146403), AETE, 2009.

 (DND Photo, Corporal Bryan Carter, CK04-2017-0062-021)

Bell CH-146 Griffon, RCAF (Serial No. 146439),taking off from United States Coast Guard Air Station Miami, in Opa Locka, Florida during Exercise Southern Breeze in 2017.