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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warplanes 7: Bell CH-135 Twin Huey

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey

Data current to 7 March 2021.

(Canadian Forces Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Helicopter in flight. 

Bell Model 212, CUH-IN, CH-135 Twin Huey Helicopter (50), (Serial Nos. 135101-135150)

The Bell UH-1N Twin Huey is a medium military helicopter.  A member of the extensive Huey family, it first flew in 1969.  The CUH-1N Twin Huey (later CH-135 Twin Huey) was the original version, first ordered by the Canadian Forces, which purchased 50 aircraft, with deliveries commencing in May 1971.  The aircraft powerplant, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6T, was produced in Canada.  The aircraft were retired from the Canadian Forces starting in 1996 and struck off strength in December 1999.  41 of the surviving CH-135s were acquired by the US government in December 1999.  Two CH-135s are on display in museums, one at the CASM in Ottawa, and one at the NAFMC at CFB Trenton, Ontario.

The UH-1N has a 15-seat configuration, with one pilot and 14 passengers.  In cargo configuration, it has an internal capacity of 220 ft³ (6.23 m³).  An external load up to 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) can be carried.  The UH-1N was later developed into the civilian Bell 2123.

(Bill Cummings Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Helicopter (Serial No. 135115). 

(DND Photo via Mike Kaehler Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Helicopter (Serial No. 135110), on floats. 

 (Alain Rioux Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey (Serial No. 135120), 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, 7 Oct 1993.

 (Ahunt Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey (Serial No. 135102) serving with the Multinational Force and Observers Sinai, Egypt, 1989.

 (Author Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey (Serial No. 135102), CFB Trenton, Ontario. 

 (Alain Rioux Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey (Serial No. 135137), 27 May 1995.

(Author Photo)

Bell CH-135 Twin Huey Helicopter (Serial No. 135114), Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario.