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Canadian Warplanes 6: Jets, Canadair CL-52 Stratojet (Boeing B-47B)

Canadian Warplanes, Jets,

Canadair CL-52 Stratojet (Boeing B-47B)

Data current to 8 Sep 2019.

Canadair CL-52 Stratojet (Boeing B-47B)

In 1956, an American Boeing B-47 Stratojet was loaned to the Royal Canadian Air Force to flight test the Iroquois jet engine for use in the Avro CF-105 Arrow.  Canadair, the sub-contractor, attached an Iroquois to the right side of the bomber's rear fuselage, near the tail, simply because there was no other place to mount it.  Designated CL-52 by Canadair, it was a nightmare to fly, since the thrust was asymmetrical; this created great problems for flight control.  After the Arrow project was cancelled, the B-47B/CL-52, which had logged about 35 hours of engine flight tests, was returned to the U.S and subsequently scrapped.  The CL-52 was the only B-47 used by any foreign service.

Canadair CL-52 Stratojet (Boeing B-47B), (1), (Serial 51-2059), later (Serial No. X059)

Boeing CL-52 Stratojet (B-47B) on loan to the RCAF to test the Orenda jet engine.  None are preserved in Canada.  (RCAF Photos)

Canadair CL-52 Stratojet (Boeing B-47B), (Serial No. X059), on loan to the RCAF to test the Orenda jet engine.  (DND Photo via James Craik)