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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warplanes 6: Jets, British Aerospace (HS) CT-155 Hawk

Canadian Warplanes, Jets,

British Aerospace (HS) CT-155 Hawk

Data current to 8 Sep 2019.

The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, jet-powered advanced trainer, first flown in 1974 as the Hawker Siddeley Hawk, and subsequently produced by its successor companies, British Aerospace and BAE Systems, respectively.  It has been used in a training capacity and as a low-cost combat aircraft.

British Aerospace (HS) CT-155 Hawk (22), (Serial Nos.  155201-155222).  2 Canadian Forces Flyng Training School, 15 Wing, CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

BAE CT-115 Hawk (Serial No. 155209) is on display in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Mount Hope, Ontario.

British Aerospace CT-155 Hawk.  (RCAF Photo)

(RCAF Photo)

British Aerospace CT-155 Hawk (Serial No. CT-155220).

 (Balon Greyjoy Photo)

British Aerospace CT-155 Hawk (Serial No. CT-155210).

(CF Photo via Mike Kaehler).

British Aerospace CT-155 Hawk (Serial No. CT-155222), 4 Wing Cold Lake, 30 May 2006 during Maple Flag 39.

 (CF Photo via Mike Kaehler).

British Aerospace (HS) CT-155 Hawk (Serial No. 155213), in formation with a North American B-25 Mitchell, CWHM, 2006.

 (DND via Rob Pionteck)

BAE CT-115 Hawk (Serial No. 155217), coded W-VR, No. 419 NFTC (NATO Flying Training in CANADA) Sqn, in the tribute colours of its wartime aircraft, the Wellington, flown by its first CO, wing Commander John "Moose" Fulton, painted with 75th Anniversary paint scheme, Kamloops, BC.