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Canadian Warplanes 6: Jets, Bombardier CC-144 Challenger

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger

Data current to 25 Feb 2021.

 (John Davies, CYOW Airport Watch Photo)

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144616).

The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets first produced by Canadair (as an independent company), and then produced from 1986 by Canadair as a division of Bombardier Aerospace.  In service with the Canadian Forces, this aircraft was designated as the Bombardier CC-144 Challenger and used to transport the Governor General, government officials, foreign dignitaries and the Prime Minister of Canada.

The Challenger is a twin-engine executive jet used by the Canadian Forces as a high performance, medium to long-range, transport aircraft.  Rollout of the first 30 passenger Challenger jets took place on 28 May 1978.  It has a revolutionary airfoil, which reduces drag and increases lift to a wide-bodied jet with turbo-fan engines.  It has an intercontinental range and will cruise at Mach .8 up to 49,000’.  The aircraft is also used by Canadian Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadrons as an EW training platform.  The Model CL-601-1A was an improved Challenger powered by a pair of General Electric CF34-1A turbofans.  The first for CF aircraft were used for VIP duties.[1]

One is displayed with the AFHM&AP, CFB Winnipeg, Canadair CX-144A Challenger, (Serial No. CX144612), low visibility grey, AETE-X.[2]

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[2] The Challenger on display at AFHM&AP is the second prototype built by Canadair and was used exclusively for test and evaluation.  It first flew on 17 March 1979 and was retired on 08 April 1993.

Canadair Model CL-60, CC-144A Challenger (4), CL-601-1A, CC-144B Challenger (14), (Serial Nos. 144601-144618) for a total of 18 aircraft.

 (Mike Kaehler Photo)

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144615).

 (DND Photo via James Craik)

Canadair CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144602).

 (Andy Vanderhayden Photo)

Canadair CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144618).

 (John Davies, CYOW Airport Watch Photo)

Bombardier CC-144B Challenger (Serial No. 144614).

 (Paul Nelhams Photo)

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144614), VIP transport.

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144616), VIP transport.  (RCAF Photo)

 (DND Photo via James Craik)

Bombardier CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144601).

 (DND Photo)

Canadair CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144615).

 (DND Photo)

Canadair CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144617).

 (DND Photo)

Canadair CC-144 Challenger (Serial No. 144618).

 (Author Photo)

 (Alain Rioux Photo)

 (Mike Kaehler Photo)

Canadair CX-144A Challenger (Serial No. CX144612), low visibility grey, AETE-X.  This was the second prototype, a CL-600-1A11, c/n 1002, allocated to the RCAF after finishing test programme.  It was flown at the Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment (AETE), CFB Cold Lake, Alberta, until its retirement in 1993, now preserved at CFB Winnipeg.  It was designated CC-144 in service.