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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warplanes 3: Curtiss Seamew

Curtiss Seamew

Data current to 27 Dec 2020.

  (RN Photo)

 (RN Photo)

Curtiss SO3C-1 Seamew Mk. I, Royal Navy (Serial No. FN475).  Flown by the RN at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia during the war.  None are preserved in Canada.

Curtiss SO3C Seamew Mk. I (82), (Serial Nos. FN480- FN486, FN489- FN496, FN498, FN499, FN600- FN608, FN610- FN613, FN615, FN616, FN618- FN620, FN622, FN623, FN625, FN627, FN629- FN642, JW576- JW578, JW580- JW583, JW614- JW618, JW621, JW622, JW634, JW638, JW640, JW642).