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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Canadian Warbird Survivors, 2005 (Book)


The purpose of this handbook is to provide aviation enthusiasts with a simple checklist on where to find the surviving retired military aircraft that are preserved in Canada. The majority of the Canadian Warbird Survivors are on display within a great number of well maintained aviation museums, many others are displayed as gate guards near or in a number of Canadian Forces Bases, and a good number are in the hands of private collectors. Many are not listed in any catalogue, but have been found by word of mouth,or personal observation.

The museum staffs and volunteer organizations throughout Canada have done a particularly good job of preserving the great variety of Canadian military aircraft, illustrated here. Hopefully, as more aircraft are recovered from their crash sites in the bush and restored, traded or brought back from private owners, they too will be added to the record. The book lists the aircraft alphabetically by manufacturer, number and type. This list is also appended with a brief summary of the aircraft presently on display within the nation and a bit of its history within the Canadian Forces.

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Canadian Warbird Survivors 2005 

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