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Artillery preserved in Canada 5f: Ontario, CFB Petawawa

Artillery preserved in Canada: Ontario,

Canadian Forces Base Petawawa

Data current to 5 April 2018.

The aim of this website is to locate, identify and document every historical piece of artillery preserved in Canada.  Many contributors have assisted in the hunt for these guns to provide and update the data found on these web pages.  Photos are by the author unless otherwise credited.  Any errors found here are by the author, and any additions, corrections or amendments to this list of Guns and Artillery in Canada would be most welcome and may be e-mailed to the author at

For all official data concerning the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, please click on the link to their website:

Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Website

Note: Back in the day, artillery in Canada was referred to by its radio call sign "Sheldrake".  It is now referred to by its "Golf" call sign.  (Acorn sends)

The artillery data has become to big for all the guns in Ontario to be listed on one page, therefore the guns on display at CFB Petawa are listed separately here.  

CFB Petawawa, 2 RCHA

9-pounder 8-cwt Muzzleloading Rifle, weight 8-1-9 (933 pounds), RGF No. 676, mounted on a wheeled carriage, Foyer of RHQ, 2 RCHA.

12-pounder 6-cwt Breechloading Mk. I Gun, RCHA.  (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4234796)

Building J-108, located in the lobby of the main transient quarter on Base.


British 4.2-inch Smoothbore Mortar Mk. II with wheeled baseplate.  (Allan Peterson Photos)

CFB Petawawa, Military Museums

12-pounder 6-cwt Breechloading Mk. IV Gun, RCD Bldg C40.  (Four of these guns were recorded in Petawawa in 1933: Reg. No. 214, carriage Reg. No. 65231, RCD 00; Reg. No. 276, RCD 02; Reg. No. 287, carriage No. 67820, RCD 01; and Reg. No. 288, RCD 01).



12-pounder 6-cwt Breechloading Mk. IV Gun, Serial No. 269, IV, inside the Base Museum, RCD Carriage No. 07816.

25-pounder C Mk. 2 QF Field Gun, front gate, No. 1 gun.

25-pounder C Mk. 2 QF Field Gun, front gate, No. 2 gun.

25-pounder C Mk. 2 QF Field Gun with No. 9 circular firing platform, Artillery Park. 

25-pounder C Mk. 2 QF Field Gun with No. 9 circular firing platform, 2 CMBG HQ.

25-pounder C Mk. 2 QF Field Gun with No. 9 circular firing platform, with Limber at Regimental HQ, 2 RCHA.

 (Terry Honour Photo)

75-mm Pack Howitzer, inside the 2 CMBG main entrance.

5.5-inch BL Mk. III Gun on a Mk. I Carriage, Artillery Park.  Canada made carriages for these guns during the Second World War, and after the war acquired 85 of them for the RCA.  The gun fired a 45.5-kg (100-pound) shell to a range of 14,800 metres (16,200 yards).

105-mm L5 Pack Howitzer,  rigged for a parachute drop, inside the Base Museum.

 (Author Photos)

 (Terry Honour Photo)

105-mm C1A1 M2A2 Howitzer, CDN 52, 1955, Menin Road near HQ 2nd Regiment, RCHA.

155-mm M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer, (Serial No. 77233), 1985, AC: CX, ECC: 119205 HUI C: 1764, SAUI C: 1764, VMO No. DLE21804, VMO Date: 24 Jul 2005.  Display Monument.  “26A”, the 1st Gun, 2nd troop, 2nd Battery, Menin Road.

105-mm L5 Pack Howitzer, Menin Road.

M31/M50 762-mm Honest John Rocket mounted on a transport trailer, Museum Park. 


German First World War 7.7-cm Feldkanone 16 (7.7-cm FK 16), (Serial Nr. 24717), no data.  Menin Road.  This gun is not listed in the official records.

 (WO C.H. Kendall Photos)

German Second World War 2.8-cm schwere Panzerbüchse 41 Anti-Tank Gun (2.8-cm sPzB 41) Anti-Tank Gun (Serial No. 2556).  The barrel has a separate number, (Serial Nr. 52536)  This gun is on loan from the RCA Museum CFB Shilo, Manitoba.

German Second World War 5-cm PaK 38 (L/60) AT Gun (Serial Nr. TBC), corroded, Menin Road.

German Second World War 7.5-cm PaK 40 AT Gun, Hochwald, Germany, 13 March 1945.  (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3396316)

German Second World War 7.5-cm PaK 40 AT Gun, (Serial Nr. R2595), 1942 beg, stamped BS:Fl1736fqv, Vr:FL200bej, Menin Road.

German Second World War 8.8-cm FlaK 37 AA Gun, (Serial Nr. R3864), stamped BS: Sg563492 RL1084bxe F1318beb, M:F1317beb, S:F1317beb on the breeching ring, North of the Main Gate.

German Second World War 15-cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 Heavy Field Howitzer, (Serial Nr. R3079), shell strike on the remaining numbers on the breeching ring, Menin Road.

Russian 57-mm ASU-57 SP Gun SP Gun, Museum Park.