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Artillery (4) Manitoba, Winnipeg, Naval Museum of Manitoba, HMCS Chippawa

Artillery in Manitoba, Winnipeg

Data current to 24 July 2019.

The aim of this website is to locate, identify and document every historical piece of artillery preserved in Canada.  Many contributors have assisted in the hunt for these guns to provide and update the data found on these web pages.  Photos are by the author unless otherwise credited.  Any errors found here are by the author, and any additions, corrections or amendments to this list of Guns and Artillery in Canada would be most welcome and may be e-mailed to the author at

For all official data concerning the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, please click on the link to their website:

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Note: Back in the day, artillery in Canada was referred to by its radio call sign "Sheldrake".  It is now referred to by its "Golf" call sign.  (Acorn sends)


Winnipeg, McGregor Armoury

German Second World War 8.8-cm Raketenwerfer 43 “Puppchen” (hollow charge rocket launcher), (Serial Nr. RW2491), Fort Garry Horse Museum, McGregor Armoury, 551 Machray Ave.  (Fort Garry Horse Museum Photos)

Winnipeg, Minto Armoury

The Minto Armoury is a prominent and historic structure in the West End of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The armoury is currently the home base of The Royal Winnipeg Rifles, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, and several other reserve units.

 (Terry Honour Photos)


 (Michael Nickerson Photos)

German First World War 7.92-mm MG 08 Machine Gun, (Serial Nr. 5113), Berlin 1915, mounted on a Schlitten stand.  Captured in France in 1918, this gun was originally allocated to South River, Parry Sound, Ontario.

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German First World War 7.92-mm MG08/15 Machine Gun (Serial Nr. 1164), painted as G18540, Trophy No. 1097, unmounted.  This MG08/15 was captured by the 2nd Canadian Division in France in 1918.  It was originally allocated to Winnipeg in 1919.

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German First World War 7.92-mm MG 08/15 Machine Gun, (Serial Nr. 9516), MAN, Nurnberg, 1918.  Captured by the 8th Battalion (90th Winnipeg Rifles), 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Division, at Hatchet Wood, N. of Beaufort, France on 9 Aug 1918.  This MG08/15 was originally allocated to Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

Winnipeg, HMCS Chippawa

Winnipeg, Naval Museum of Manitoba

 (Lt (N) Simone Smith Photos)

12-pounder 8-cwt QF Royal Navy Landing Gun, weight 7-3-10 (878 lbs), Serial No. 189 dated 1896, Queen Victoria cypher.  Carriage plate: Q,F, 12 Pr. Naval Trg, Made Elswick Works, 1898, Exd (Examined) at Portsmouth, 1898.  Wt Carriage Complete 6 3/4 Cwt. Admiralty No. 71, Kings Arrow.  With Limber, Serial No. TBC. 

 (Curtis Kostin Photo) 

 (Terry Honour Photos)

4-inch/45 QF Mk. XVI* Twin Guns SIL 1944 (Serial No. S/14559), L, left, and (Serial No. S/14560), R, right, on a Mk. XIX High Angle mounting (Serial No. 146), located in the front lobby, 1 Navy Way.

40-mm Bofors Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, HMCS Prince Henry.  (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3612507)

40-mm Bofors Light Anti-Aircraft Gun in a Deck Gun Mount.


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2-pounder Mk. VIII, N. 1 Vickers-Armstrong Company, Pom-Pom Gun (Serial No. S128), 1939.


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Twin .50-calibre Anti-Aircraft Guns (Serial No. 1765114) and (Serial No. 31424 ), on a Deck Gun Mount.

 (Terry Honour Photos)

.303 Vickers Machine Gun (Serial No. 9182).