Military History Books
by Harold A. Skaarup   
Artillery and Armoured Fighting Vehicles preserved in the USA: Louisiana, New Orleans and the National Museum of WWII

Artillery and Armoured Fighting Vehicles preserved in Louisiana: City of New Orleans, and the National Museum of WWII 

Data current to 5 April 2018.  Author photos except where noted.

Louisiana State Museum


Civil War Gun Serial No. 307, mounted on a wheeled wooden gun carriage, guarding the front of the Louisiana State Museum.


Spanish SBML Gun, 51-2-21 (5, 789 lbs), Serial No. 19 on trunnions, mounted on a Naval carriage, guarding the front of the Louisiana State Museum.

18th Century smoothbore muzzle-loading Gun used by Bienville, on display inside the Louisiana State Museum.

Washington Artillery Park


1861 Parrot Rifle, iron sculpture in Washington Artillery park, guarding Jackson Square.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  It is the site where in 1803 Louisiana was made United States territory pursuant to the Louisiana Purchase.  A pair of large possibly 30-pounder (4.2-inch) Army Parrott Rifles guard the square.

30-pounder (4.2-inch) Army Parrott Rifles (two).

Joan of Arc Monument

France erected the statue in 1972 as a gift to New Orleans, whose namesake, Orléans, was one of the towns Joan of Arc (1412-1431) defended from the English during the Hundred Years War (1337-1453).  In the city’s defense, she was overwhelmingly successful, but her exploits did not stop there. In just over a year, this teenager led troops in 13 different battles and sieges, and captured more than 30 cities.

Two very old smoothbore muzzleloading guns stand guard in front of the statue.

Civil War Museum

Confederate Memorial Hall Museum is a museum located in New Orleans which contains historical artifacts related to the Confederate States of America and the American Civil War.  It is historically also known as "Memorial Hall".

8-inch Columbaid smoothbore muzzleloading Gun in front of the Civil War Museum.

1861 Parrot Rifle inside the museum.  (New Orleans Tourist Bureau Photo)

National Museum of World War II

M3 Stuart light tank.


M4A2 Sherman tank.

M3 Half-track.

Jeep, Ford GPA Amphibian.

Willys Jeep.

M3 37-mm AT Gun.

German Second World War 7.5-cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18 (7.5-cm leIG 18), short-barrelled Field Gun, (Serial Nr. 1280).


German Second World War 8.8-cm FlaK 37 AA Gun, (Serial Nr. R86).

(Photos of the aircraft collection of the National Museum of World War II may be viewed on the webpage dedicated to Louisiana Warplane Survivors)