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by Harold A. Skaarup   
Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Tanks preserved in Canada 9: Nova Scotia

Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Tanks preserved in Nova Scotia

The data found on this page has been compiled by the author.  Photos are by the author unless otherwise credited.  Any additions, correctons or amendments to this list of Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Canada would be most welcome. 

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Data current to 11 Dec 2016.


Universal Carrier (a runner), Major (Ret’d) Bob Estabrooks, North Nova Scotia Historical Museum.


   (Terry Honour Photos)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, located at the Royal Canadian Legion, 78 Churchill St.


Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5, 20-pounder main gun, 31A, Cornwallis Military Museum.

Glace Bay

 (Andrew Morrison Photo)

M577 Command Post (Queen Mary), in front of the Marconi Armouries in Cape Breton.


(Photo courtesy of RWH Gould)


Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank (CFR No. 78-778), “Hellfire”.  This tank was on display on the West side of the Halifax Armoury. It is currently stored at CFB Shearwater.


 (Photo courtesy of Pat Newman)

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank, previously located at Cornwallis, it is now with a private owner.

Kentville, Camp Aldershot

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5, 20-pounder main gun, Lanzy Road, Camp Aldershot.


M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.


Universal Carrier Mk II, Tom Jeddry.

New Victoria

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Fort Petrie NHS.


M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Cenotaph Park.


Ferret Scout Car, Truro Armoury, 126 Willow St, Truro.

Truro, Brad Mills Collection

Universal Carrier (a runner).

Ferret Scout Car Mk 1 (undergoing restoration).

 (Photo courtesy of Brad Mills)

British Ferret Scout Car Mk 2/3 (a runner).


M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Royal Canadian Legion Nranch No. 126.