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Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Tanks preserved in Canada 6: Quebec

Armoured Fighting Vehicles preserved in Quebec

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Data current to 31 Jan 2017.


Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank (Serial No. 69215), built by Fisher, Reg. No. 30129694, “Chateauguay”, Régiment de Hull, de Salaberry Armoury, 188 Alexandre Taché Boulevard.

In 1946 the first of 294 M4A2 (76-mm) Wet Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS) Sherman tanks arrived at Camp Borden and at the Long Pointe Ordnance Depot in Montreal.  The Canadians referred to this tank as the M4A2E8.  96 Stuart tanks were also delivered at the same time.  The new Shermans were manufactured by the Fisher Tank Arsenal in Grand Blanc, Michigan between May 1944 and May 1945.  M24 Chaffee light tanks were also purchased at this time.  Compared with the Shermans used by Canadians in the Second World War, the ammunition storage in the new tanks was improved by surrounding the racks with water and etheylene glycol-filled jackets to reduce the probability of explosion in the event of penetration of the armour by enemy fire.  The tanks equipped with this protection system were designated "Wet".  The M4A2E8 was powered by a pair of side-by-side mounted General Motors 6046 diesel engines producing 375 hp mounted in the rear of the hull.  The tank could sustain a speed of 48 kmh (30 mph).  Its main armament was a 76-mm M1A2 long-barreled, high-velocity gun fitted with a muzzle brake.  Its secondary armament included one Browning .30-calibre M1919A4 machine-gun mounted co-axially with the main gun, a bow machine-gun in the front of the hull, and a Browning .50-calibre machine-gun mounted on a post between the loader's and commander's hatches for AA protection.  The HVSS system used four wheels per bogie instead of two, which allowed tracks that were wider (165-mm) to be installed, and which made for better performance on soft ground and allowed for a smoother ride.  The M4A2E8 had a five-man crew.  The driver and co-driver sat in the front of the hull with the driver on the left and co-driver on the right.  The crew commander, loader and gunner sat in the turret.  The crew commander's position was on the right side of the turret, the loader sat on his left and the gunner sat in front of the commander.  After the first batch of the new tanks went to the RCD at Camp Borden 1946, another 30 went to the LdSH at Camp Wainwright, Alberta in March 1947.  Training on the tanks by the LdSH was also conducted at Camp Sarcee in Alberta, and at Camp Petawawa when the RCD moved there in the spring of 1948.

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank (Serial No. 69224), built by Fisher, Reg. No. 30129703, “Kiska”, Régiment de Hull, de Salaberry Armoury.

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5, 20-pounder main gun, CFR 52-81061, formerly at St-Hubert, FMC HQ.

M113 C & R Lynx, Régiment de Hull, de Salaberry Armoury.

La Tuque

 (Streetview Photo)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, at the cenotaph, Rue Saint Joseph and Rue Saint Eugene.


M113 C & R Lynx, Laval Armoury, 2100 Boulevard le Carrefour.



M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Levis Armoury, 10 Arsenal Street.


 (Streetview Photo)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 187, 136 Rue du Souvenir.

Montréal, Côte-des-Neiges Armoury

M113 C & R Lynx, Côte-des-Neiges Armoury, 4185 De la Côte-des-Neiges Ch.

AVGP Cougar, Côte-des-Neiges Armoury, 4185 De la Côte-des-Neiges Ch.

Montréal, CFB Montréal, Longue Point Garrison, Royal Canadian Ordnance Museum, 6560 Hochelaga Street.


Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank (Serial No. 69229), built by Fisher, Reg. No. 30129708.

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5, 20-pounder main gun.

The Canadian Army took delivery of 274 Centurion Mk. 3 tanks between 1952 and 1953.  The Centurion had well-sloped armour, superior mobility andexcellent gun and fire control systems compared with its then existing contemporaries.  The first 21 Centurions were delivered to the Royal Canadian Dragoons in Germany in March 1952, where they served with the Canadian contingent of the NATO forces based there.  The Centurions were used for training in Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  The Mk. 3 tanks were modified to Mk. 5 standard with the replacement of the co-axial Besa MG with a .30-calibre Browning MG.  Most of the Centurions in Canada retained 20-pounder main guns, while the Centurions in Europe were upgunned to the Mk. 6 standard with the L7 105-mm main gun and additional armour in 1962. The Centurions in service with 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (4 CMBG) in Germany were brought up to Mk. 11 standard in 1965 by fitting a .50-calibre Browning HMG aligned alongside the .30-calibre Browning MG, the fitting of a 100-gallon fuel tank on the rear hull plance, and the installation  of infrared night-fighting gear.  Nine Centurion Armoured Recovery Vehicles (ARV) were purchased by Canada in 1954, and four armoured bridge-layers (ABL) in 1966.  Centurions ended their service in Germany on 2 June 1977,  and in Canada as late as 1979 when Leopard tanks began to replace them.

Russian T-72M Main Battle Tank.  This T-72 was acquired by 4 Intelligence Company on 2 February 1996 for full-scale identification training.  The tank was originally used for testing and evaluation at CFB Valcartier before it was delivered to the military tank park and museum at Long Point, Montreal.

M548 Cargo Carrier.

M578 ARV.

M113 ARV.

M113 C & R Lynx.

North Hatley

 (Streetview Photo)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 242, 95 Rue Jackson Heights.


 (Streetview Photo)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Royal Canadian Legion, Montgomery St and Hwy 133.

Québec City, La Citadelle

 (Photo courtesy of Christophe Finot)

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank,  la Citadelle, The Royal 22e Museum.

Universal Carrier, la Citadelle, The Royal 22e Museum.


 (Streetview Photo)

M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, in a park at Clarendon St and Ferry St.


M113 C & R Lynx, at Armand-Theriault Blvd and Frontenac St.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean (CMR)

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank,  facing the parade square from the NW side.

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk. 5 with 20-pounder main gun, facing the parade square from the NW side.

 (Terry Honour Photos)

Leopard A2 Main Battle Tank with 105-mm Gun, NW corner of the College.

    (Terry Honour Photos)

155-mm M109 155-mm SP Howitzer, CFR 85-77232 painted as CFR 85-34825, located at CMR St Jean.  It is located in the north West corner of the college (visible from the road).

M113 APC facing the parade square from the river side.

AVGP Grizzly, facing the parade square from the river side.

Le Musée du Fort Saint-Jean, 15, rue Jacques-Cartier Nord.


M4A2 (75) Sherman III tank, (Serial No. 8007), built by Fisher, 3063256, Build No. 898, WD No.  T-152656, "Bomb", Sherbrooke Fusiliers, Zutphen, Netherlands, 8 June 1945.  (Library and Archives Canada  Photo, MIKAN No. 3397558)

"Bomb", is a Sherman III tank (British Commonwealth designation of the M4A2 Sherman), War Department registration T152656, serial number 8007, built by Fisher build number 898.  This tank survived from D-Day to VE-Day without being knocked out; an improbable achievement because of the high casualty rate amongst front line combat equipment. Bomb's crewmembers, originally Troopers A.W. Rudolph, "Red" Fletcher, Trooper J.W. (Tiny) Hall, Lance-Corporal R. (Rudy) Moreault and Sergeant Harold Frutter, crew commander, kept the tank in service, despite firing over 6,000 rounds and surviving at least one enemy shell impact.  Frutter was wounded in July 1944 and one other man were replaced in Normandy by Lieutenant Paul Ayriss and Trooper Ken Jeroux. Lieutenant J.W. Neill replaced Ayriss in August 1944, and was later awarded the Military Cross.  Two more officers to command Bomb were Lieutenant Walter White who was wounded in April 1945 and Lieutenant Earnest Mingo who replaced him until war's end. The tank and crewmembers Rudolph, Moreault and Hall were the subject of a Canadian Army Film and Photographic Unit production entitled, "Green Fields Beyond" (number 2090) in 1945.  The tank was on display at the Champs de Mars park, Queen Boulevard North, Sherbrooke, Quebec and in Sept 2011 was relocated to the front lawns of the William Street Armoury, 315 William Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec

M4A2(75) Sherman III tank, (Serial No. 8007), built by Fisher, R/N 3063256, Build No. 898, WD No.  T-152656, “Bomb”, Sherbrooke Hussars Regiment, 315 Rue William.  This tank is one of four surviving original Shermans that fought in Europe, returned to Canada in 1945.  "Holy Roller", in London, Ontario, "Cathy" at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, and "Forceful II" in the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario are the other survivors.

M113 C & R Lynx, Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke Regimental Museum, 64 Belvédère Street South.


M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 117, 117 Rue de Souvenir.


 (Photo courtesy of Lorne Waid) (Photo courtesy of Terry Warner)

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank (Serial No. 65029), built by Fisher, Reg. No. 30123008. 

Trois-Rivières, Jean Victor Allard Armoury, 574 St Francis Xavier.

Sherman Vc Firefly tank with 17-pounder gun, (Serial No. WD CT150503), “Cathy”.

Sherman Vc Firefly tank, South Alberta Light Horse, Calcar, Germany, Feb 1945.  (Library and Archives Canada Photo, PA113675)

M113 C & R Lynx.

AVGP Cougar.

Valcartier, CFB Valcartier

Canadian M4A2(76)W HVSS Sherman "Easy 8" tank, 12e RBC Barracks.

Centurion Main Battle Tank Mk 5, 20-pounder main gun, Main Gate.

Leopard C-1 Main Battle Tank.

M113 C & R Lynx, 12e RBC Barracks.

Ferret Scout Car, 12e RBC Barracks.

AVGP Cougar, 12e RBC Barracks.

AVGP Grizzly, 12e RBC Barracks.

155-mm M109 155-mm SP Howitzer.

DRDC Valcartier

M113 C & R Lynx, UN markings, Henry IV Highway.